Who Is Sergio from Love Is Blind: Sweden? 4 Things to Know About the Participant

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Sergio from Love is Blind: Sweden

Love is Blind: Sweden recently debuted on Netflix - here are some interesting facts about one of the TV show's most mysterious participants, Sergio Rincon.

Love is Blind has captivated audiences since it first premiered in 2020, but a new spin-off is exploring the dating lives of singles in Sweden.

So far, 38-year-old Sergio has been in relationships with three different contestants - Kimia, Alexandra, and Amanda. However, as of writing, Sergio ended his relationship with the former two contestants and is solely focusing on Amanda.

Who Is Love is Blind's Sergio Rincon?

Sergio Rincon in Love is Blind: Sweden

Sergio Was Once a Bartender

Although he was just a teenager, Sergio used to be a bartender at Glade Viking according to his own personal website.

The website also revealed that in the year 2000, Sergio began to play music at the bar, which directly kickstarted his career as a DJ.

Sergio Has Been a DJ For Over 20 Years

Sergio started DJing in 2000 when he was just 15 years old, but the Sweden native is still currently rocking the turntable on the side.

Sergio has been able to DJ in different places around Sweden such as Stockholm, Stureplan, Haning, and Nyköping.

Fans can see highlights of Sergio's DJing on his official Instagram Stories.

Sergio Created His Own Music

Although Sergio often makes magic as a DJ, he has also created some of his own original mixes under the House genre.

Sergio shared these tracks on his official Soundcloud page, where he has 150 followers. However, the last time he posted new music was four years ago.

At one point Sergio was even part of PR Records Label Group, a company based out of Sweden.

Sergio is a Soccer Coach

Between DJing, making his own music, and appearing on Love is Blind: Sweden, Sergio seems like a busy man. However, fans should also know that Sergio is a soccer coach as well.

After living in Stockholm, Sweden for a number of years, Sergio decided to move to Barcelona, Spain two years ago where he currently coaches a junior soccer team.

Sergio often posts photos and videos of him while coaching on his Instagram Story Highlights.

 Where Can Fans Follow Sergio Rincon Online?

Fans can follow Love is Blind: Sweden's Sergio Rincon on Instagram at mrsergiorincon.

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