Who Is Meira from Love Is Blind: Sweden? 4 Things to Know About Influencer

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Meira Omar, Love is Blind Sweden

Love is Blind: Sweden just premiered on Netflix, so there are a few facts fans should know about one of its contestants, Meira Omar.

Netflix's hit reality series, Love is Blind, first premiered in 2020 to rave reviews. Now, the show is back, but this time in Sweden.

Centered around couples trying to find true love, Love is Blind: Sweden also forces its contestants to be engaged before they ever meet.

One of the TV show's biggest stars is 30-year-old Meira Omar, an internet influencer with an interesting lifestyle.

Who Is Love is Blind's Meira Omar?

Meira Omar on Love is Blind Sweden

Meira is a Dancer on YouTube

Meira frequently posted dance cover videos to her YouTube channel (which boasts 294,000 subscribers) in the past, with three of the eight amassing more than 10 million views.

The most successful video on her channel is PAANI PAANI, which currently sits at 18 million views.

Meira Loves to Travel

Along with making dancing videos, Meira also loves to travel the world. It seems as though she has been to many of Earth's most famous places including Paris, New York, Abu Dhabi, and Morocco.

Meira posts many of her travel experiences on her Instagram account, @meiraomar. The account has 112,000 followers and includes posts of her visiting places such as the beaches and Mayan ruins of Mexico and The Golden Lion in London, England.

Meira is a Major Advocate for Gender and Human Rights Issues

Due to her large following across social media and YouTube, Meira uses her platform as a voice for gender and human rights.

The influencer has made multiple posts on her Instagram regarding many different issues including the recent Israel-Palestine conflict. One particular post includes what it truly means to say "Free Palestine," noting that it doesn't condone hate and violence toward others.

Meira has also made posts in support of the Afghans under the rule of the Taliban. One post includes steps to support and help Afghanistan and another on how she will not stop using her voice in the coming year.

Some of the women's rights that Meira stands for can be seen in her Story Highlights, which include posts that bring attention to different topics.

Meira Has Created Her Own Music

As previously mentioned, Meira has used her YouTube channel to successfully post cover dance videos. However, the influencer has also posted her music to the channel.

On September 4, 2020, Meira posted a music video for her original song titled "Dive." The video currently has over 443,000 views.

Meira's song is about someone who has finally found their true love. The lyrics talk about how the protagonist feels loved and safe with the person they are with.

Fans can watch Meira's music video below:

Where Can Fans Follow Meira Omar Online?

Fans can follow Love is Blind: Sweden's Meira Omar on Instagram @meiraomar, YouTube under the channel name Meira Omar, and TikTok by searching the username @meiraomar.

Love is Blind: Sweden is available to stream on Netflix.

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