Sebastian Stan Shares Heartfelt Video for Chadwick Boseman’s Birthday

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Sebastian Stan, T'Challa

Chadwick Boseman, the late star of Black Panther, continues to leave an impactful legacy, both on those who knew him and those who did not. On his birthday, November 29, MCU co-star Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) left a heartfelt message celebrating Boseman and urging everyone to donate to his new charity.

The Chadwick Boseman Foundation for the Arts was founded in 2020 following the death of its namesake. As it reads on the foundation's social media, the organization "endeavors to encourage, support, and promote the intellectual, spiritual, and artistic growth of people of the African Diaspora." 

Part of its charity work includes scholarships for Howard University arts students seeking financial support, according to its website.

On Boseman's birthday MCU co-star Sebastian Stan offered a touching message from the late actor's foundation's social media page.

Sebastian Stan Honors Chadwick Boseman on Birthday

Bucky, Black Panther

Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes), a friend and co-star of Chadwick Boseman's, shared a message on the Chadwick Boseman Foundation's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages on the late actor's 46th birthday. Coincidentally, Boseman's birthday falls this year on Giving Tuesday.

Stan reflected on his friendship with Boseman, and "what a beautiful leader and human being he was:" 

"Today is Giving Tuesday, and today is also Chadwick Boseman’s birthday, November 29th. I’ve been thinking about Chadwick today and reflecting on the legacy that he’s left behind. I was thinking about what a beautiful leader and human being he was and how much he’s inspired the world, inspired me, not just through his strength, but through his examples of love and empathy."

He noted the "gift" Boseman "might’ve given [him]," making mention of a number of things including "remembering the potential that I have as [a] human being to spread love:"

"I was thinking about a gift that Chad might’ve given me, and when I think about that, I guess what comes to mind is the awareness, and always remembering the potential that I have as [a] human being to spread love, to make someone smile, to give back, to help somebody, to inspire in some way, to be honest, to be good, you know, in a really uncertain time, I guess. And so, for his birthday and in his honor, I want to ask you to join me in donating to the Chadwick Boseman Foundation. It’s a brand new foundation that supports Black storytellers. 

He then urged everyone to make donations to the foundation "in Chadwick’s name remembering the message that he’s left behind:"

"We can go to any of the verified accounts, the Chadwick Boseman Foundation accounts on Instagram and Facebook, or you can go to the, and donate in Chadwick’s name remembering the message that he’s left behind, and we can do our best to follow in his footsteps and be an example as well. So go out there, spread some love, please please donate, and be kind to one another this holiday season. Be safe, and lots of love."

Stan's Words of Emotion and Inspiration

Stan's emotional message spoke not only to Boseman's life and legacy but to how that life and legacy can live on through the Chadwick Boseman Foundation. 

The fact that Boseman's birthday falls on Giving Tuesday of all days is not insignificant. On a day devoted to giving and helping, Boseman's impact can continue to live on through his friends, through his fans, and through his foundation and all it helps.

One has to remember the giving that Boseman did in his final few years. This was the actor the continued his work as an MCU superhero all while battling cancer privately.

To learn more about the Chadwick Boseman Foundation, visit its website

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