Full Cast of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Anime: Every Main Voice Actor & Character In Netflix Show (Photos)

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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim franchise is back with a stylized anime on Netflix known as Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Starring much of the cast that made up Edgar Wright's cult classic big-screen take (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) on O'Malley's comic world back in 2010, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is an expanded retelling of the plight of Scott Pilgrim and his quest for love. 

Written by franchise creator Bryan Lee O'Malley, the animated series follows Scott as he meets the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers, only to discover he has to defeat her seven evil exes if he ever wants to be with her. 

With the likes of Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and more jumping back into their Scott Pilgrim movie roles, this is an exciting opportunity for these creatives to further explore this beloved franchise. 

Every Actor & Character in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Michael Cera - Scott Pilgrim

Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Michael Cera

Michael Cera reprises his Scott Pilgrim vs. the World role as the titular hero, Scott Pilgrim. Scott is a wayward 20-something living in Toronto, who - after meeting the girl of his dreams - is sent on a quest to defeat her seven evil exes in combat so that their romance can flourish. 

Cera is best known for his work in comedy hits like Arrested Development, Superbad, and Juno. 

Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Ramona Flowers

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Ramona Flowers (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is the girl of Scott Pilgrim's dreams. After moving from New York, this bright-haired delivery girl crosses paths with Scott, changing her life forever. The pair spark up a connection, but no burgeoning love comes without its baggage. And in Ramona's case, it is a league of super-villain-esque exes controlling her every romantic pursuit. 

Winstead most recently appeared as Hera Syndulla in Disney+'s Ahsoka series as well as having credits on DC's Birds of Prey and 10 Cloverfield Lane

Satya Bhabha - Matthew Patel

Satya Bhabha as Matthew Patel Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Satya Bhabha

Playing the first evil ex Scott comes into contact with is Satya Bhabha. Bhabha's Matthew Patel was Ramona's first boyfriend, with the two having dated for a handful of days in middle school. Just because he is the lowest on the League of Evil Exes totem pole does not mean he should not be trifled with, proving a challenge for Scott with his mystical hipster powers. 

Bhabha's other work includes Netflix's Sense8, Fair Game, and Eastsiders.

Kieran Culkin - Wallace Wells

Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Kieran Culkin

Kieran Culklin's Wallace Wells is the snarky gay roommate of Scott. The pair share a tiny Toronto apartment, so small - in fact - that the two have to share a single mattress on the floor of the living room. No secret is safe with Wallace, as he is known for spilling the deets on all the latest gossip as soon as he hears it. 

Culkin - aside from being the younger brother of Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin - can be recognized for his work on the hit HBO drama Succession and FX's Fargo.

Chris Evans - Lucas Lee

Chris Evans as Lucas Lee Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Chris Evans

Chris Evans hops back into the role of Lucas Lee for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. After dating Ramona in high school, Lucas (aka the second evil ex) went on to a successful career as a professional skateboarder before using his fame to transition to a star of the silver screen. Scott comes to blows with Lucas while the A-list action hero is filming a movie in Toronto. 

Evans is probably best known as the MCU's Steve Rogers/Captain America but has also appeared in hits like Rian Johnson's Knives Out and Fantastic Four

Anna Kendrick - Stacey Pilgrim

Anna Kendrick as Stacey Pilgrim Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick plays Stacey Pilgrim, the younger sister of Scott. Stacey is a coffee barista who spends most of her time at work on her phone, usually getting the latest on her brother from his roommate, Wallace. She is constantly giving Scott a hard time about his love life, something that changes slightly after he meets Ramona. 

Kendrick's previous credits include starring roles in the Pitch Perfect trilogy, Dreamworks' Trolls, and Up in the Air

Brie Larson - Envy Adams

Brie Larson as Envy Adams Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Brie Larson

While Ramona has her League of Evil Exes, Scott has a dastardly long-lost lover as well. Envy Adams (played by Brie Larson) is Scott's ex-girlfriend, who ran off with the bassist of her band, The Clash At Demonhead, a year before the events of the series. 

However, no matter what Scott does, he cannot get Envy out of his life. Since leaving him, she and her band have blown up, signing to a major label and blowing up in popularity. 

Larson is another alum of the MCU in the animated series, playing Captain Marvel in films like Avengers: Endgame and The Marvels. But the Oscar-winning actress has also appeared in titles like Room, Kong: Skull Island, and Apple TV+'s Lessons in Chemistry

Alison Pill - Kim Pine

Alison Pill as Kim Pine Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Alison Pill

Alison Pill's Kim Pine is the drummer in Scott's band, Sex Bob-Omb. She is a woman of few words and - having dated Scott years ago - gives her friend a hard time about his love life. When Kim is not at band practice or hanging out with her bandmates, she spends her time working at a local video store. 

Pill's other credits include Goon, Milk, and Vice

Aubrey Plaza - Julie Powers

Aubrey Plaza as Julie Powers Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Aubrey Plaza

Julie Powers (voiced by Aubrey Plaza) is the ex of Stephen Stills and a snide socialite in Scott's circle. She knows everyone in town and is the first to become friends with Ramona when she moves to Toronto. Immediately seeing how cool Ramona is, Julie is wary of Scott making any advances on her new friend, worrying he will scare her off. 

Plaza is an Emmy-nominated actress, appearing in TV hits like Parks and Recreation and Season 2 of the critically acclaimed HBO murder mystery The White Lotus. Plaza is set to join the MCU in the upcoming Disney+ Agatha series.

Brandon Routh - Todd Ingram

Brandon Routh as Todd Ingram Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh brings to life Todd Ingram, the bassist in The Clash at Demonhead, and the third evil ex of Ramona Flowers. After dating Ramona briefly in high school, Todd is now dating his band's lead singer, Envy Adams. He differentiates himself from the rest of the evil exes with the special powers granted to him thanks to his vegan lifestyle. 

Routh previously appeared as Superman in Superman Returns and has other credits in Chuck, The Flash, and Arrow

Jason Schwartzman - Gideon Graves

Jason Schwartzman as Gideon Graves Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Jason Schwartzman

The leader of the League of Evil Exes and the seventh and final ex Scott has to take on is Jason Schwartzman's Gideon Graves. Gideon is a New York-based CEO of G-Man Media, a record company with an interest in Scott's band, Sex Bob-Omb.

Schwartzman's other work includes Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Asteroid City, and Rushmore

Johnny Simmons - Young Neil

Johnny Simmons as Young Neil Scott Pilgrim
Johnny Simmons

Young Neil (played by Johnny Simmons) is Sex Bob-Omb's biggest fan and the current roommate of Stephen Stills. He is young, loves video games, and is in attendance at almost every Sex Bob-Omb band practice, even filling in on bass when Scott is not around.

Simmons' also appeared in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Jennifer's Body, and The To Do List

Mark Webber - Stephen Stills

Mark Webber as Stephen Stills Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Mark Webber

Mark Webber's Stephen Stills is the lead singer/guitarist of Sex Bob-Omb and the one member of the band hell-bent on getting them signed. Just like most of his bandmates, Stephen is filled with anxiety, constantly questioning his every decision, especially when it comes to the future of the band. 

Webber can be seen in 2015's horror cult hit Green Room as well as 13 Sins

Mae Whitman - Roxie Richter

Mae Whitman as Roxie Richter Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman plays Roxie Richter, Ramona's former college roommate and her fourth evil ex. Roxie is a formidable foe to Scott, showing off her prowess in ninjitsu, and is the only female member of the League of Evil Exes. 

Whitman's previous credits include The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Duff, and One Fine Day.

Ellen Wong - Knives Chau

Ellen Wong as Knives Chau Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Ellen Wong

When the animated series picks up, Scott Pilgrim has just started dating high schooler Knives Chau (voiced by Ellen Wong). Knives is a 17-year-old who is completely infatuated with Scott; however, after Ramona Flowers comes into the picture, Scott has to break her heart and cut things off with the eager teen. 

Wong previously had roles in Netflix's Glow, Best Sellers, and Silent Night

Julian Cihi - Ken & Kyle Katayanagi

Julian Cihi as Ken & Kyle Katayanagi Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Julian Cihi

Julian Cihi plays both Ken and Kyle Katayanagi. This pair of twins are the fifth and sixth evil exes of Ramona Flowers. After dating in college, the Katayanagi twins have gone on to become renowned roboticists, using their genius intellect to further the field beyond what anyone could have imagined. 

Cihi can also be seen in Only Murders in the Building, Amazon Prime Video's The Tick, and Mr. Robot

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off debuts on Friday, November 17 on Netflix. 

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