Netflix Just Replaced Brie Larson's Singing Voice for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

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Brie Larson in Scott Pilgrim

Eagle-eyed fans noticed Netflix replaced Brie Larson's singing voice for the streamer's Scott Pilgrim anime. 

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off sees the entire main Scott Pilgrim vs. The World cast return, as the likes of Michael Cera, Chris Evans, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead get to revisit Bryan Lee O'Malley's classic graphic novel. 

However, instead of being yet another adaptation of the Scott Pilgrim story, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is something wholly new, offering up some major changes to the Scott chasing after the girl of his dreams story. 

This expansion on O'Malley's comic book tale has brought in some new faces to the franchises, as well as honoring some of those who were tangentially related to both the comic and the Edgar Wright-directed film. 

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Replaces Brie Larson

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Envy Adams

As spotted in the credits for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Brie Larson was replaced for her singing parts as series character Envy Adams. 

While Larson reprised her Scott Pilgrim vs. The World role in the Netflix anime for the speaking lines, her singing parts were delegated to Canadian rock musician Emily Haines. 

Emily Haines Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Credits

Larson's Scott Pilgrim character leads a fictional alternative rock outfit known as The Clash at Demon Head and is the ex-girlfriend of the series' namesake. 

Envy appears in several episodes of the Scott Pilgrim anime including two musical performances with Haines credited as the singing voice on both. 

Brie Larson Envy Adams Scott Pilgrim

The character does a rendition of Sarah Mclachlan's "I Will Remember You" at Scott's funeral, as well as a performance of "Black Sheep" (which Larson sings in the Scott Pilgrim film). 

Haines is the lead singer of Toronto-based band Metric, who wrote "Black Sheep" for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and was the inspiration behind the Envy Adams character (per LA Times).

Why Doesn't Brie Larson Sing in the Scott Pilgrim Anime?

Not including Brie Larson's singing talents in the Scott Pilgrim anime is an interesting choice, but one that does feel justified. 

More than 13 years after the Scott Pilgrim movie was released, Larson is still not afraid to belt it out on screen (as evidenced in The Marvels), so there must be a reason why she did not sing in the anime. 

Emily Haines has been connected to the franchise for a long time. One of the more iconic moments from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World came from Brie Larson's rendition of the Haines-written song "Black Sheep." 

And in a movie soundtrack that is widely considered one of the best in the past 25 years, "Black Sheep" is far and away the biggest original song. 

For comparison, "Black Sheep" has over 91 million streams on Spotify, while the next biggest original song from the movie ("Garbage Truck") has a mere 40 million. 

So, including Haines (and the rest of Metric) in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, was likely a gesture from the series' creators to include the band that - in part - helped put the franchise on the map. 

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off can be streamed now on Netflix. 

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