School Spirits Gets Season 2 Update From Milo Manheim (Exclusive)

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The upcoming Season 2 of Paramount+'s School Spirits just got an update from Milo Manheim.

School Spirits Season 1 ended on a massive cliffhanger, to say the least, leaving fans dying for season 2 to arrive. As it currently stands, there’s no release window for the show's future episodes after its renewal in June, and with the recent strikes, it might be a while before it sees the light of day.

School Spirits Season 2 Coming Soon

Milo Manheim as Wally in School Spirits

In an exclusive interview with The Direct's Russ Milheim, School Spirits star Milo Manheim, who also played a role in the recent Thanksgiving horror film, shared a brief but exciting update for Season 2 of the Paramount+ original series.

Manheim plays Wally, a lovable jock who died during a homecoming football game, leaving his spirit trapped in the afterlife at his own high school. Decades later, he eventually goes on to meet Peyton List’s Maddie Nears, who winds up dead despite having no recollection of what happened to her.

The actor admitted how he “[wishes he] had the answers,” gently teasing that the characters will grapple with how “to move forward knowing what [they] know:”

“In the first season, you kind of figure it out, but nothing is really solved or resolved. And I think that we start going into, okay, how are we going to move forward knowing what we know?"

Manheim added how he can't share anymore because "that's truly what [he knows] so far," noting how the writing team is "just getting to it" with Season 2 after the writers' strike put a long hold on development:

"That's as specific as I can be because that's truly what I know so far. They couldn't write during the strike. Yeah, they're just getting to it. But the conversation is open. And I will keep you posted when I learn more stuff.”

According to Deadline, School Spirits Season 2 is expected to begin production in 2024, although exactly when in the coming year that will happen is unclear.

Looking at Season 1, the show came to Paramount+ in March 2023, around seven months after filming began in August 2022. Assuming a similar production length and depending on how far into next year filming begins, School Spirits Season 2 ought to be ready for streaming in late 2024 or early 2025.

The Direct's full interview with Milo Manheim can be found below:

What Does Season 2 Have in Store for Fans?

School Spirits Season 2 has a lot to tackle when it eventually returns.

The immediate concern will be with everyone in the afterlife as they try to figure out what Mr. Martin and Janet were up to. Was there something sinister afoot, or could there be some big misunderstanding?

Then there’s Maddie Nears’ living body, which is currently roaming the land of the breathing as a vessel for Janet’s spirit—though no one else knows that yet.

As for Milo Manheim’s Wally, the show has already done a great job exploring his past trauma. Could Wally follow in Dawn’s footsteps and finally be at peace, passing on from his current purgatory?

At the very least, before that ever occurs, maybe Wally and Maddie’s romance can blossom a bit thanks to the schism between her and Simon.

School Spirits is now streaming on Netflix and Paramount+.

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