Scavengers Reign Season 2 Gets Hopeful Update from Producer

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One of the producers on Max's Scavengers Reign gave fans an update on where they stand on a potential Season 2. 

Featuring an all-star cast consisting of the likes of Wunmi Mosaku (Loki) and Bob Stephenson (Jericho), the animated streaming series has been one of the surprise hits of the fall. 

Created by Joe Bennett and Charles Huettner, the show garnered multiple 10/10 reviews from outlets and currently sits at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

The show follows the survivors of a downed intergalactic cargo ship as they come to terms with being stranded on the mysterious planet of Vesta and the dangers that come with it. 

Max's Scavengers Reign Season 2 Update

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During a recent interview, Scavengers Reign Season 2 received a hopeful update from executive producers Sean Buckelew and James Merrill. 

While speaking with Comicbook, Buckelew let slip that - despite Season 2 not having been announced - the team has "mapped out" a "couple more seasons" should they be given the opportunity:

“We have a couple more seasons mapped out and have some very developed ideas for next season should we get to make more. Fingers crossed because we’d like to spend more time with these characters and really see what else the planet has up its sleeve.”

When asked if he had any inclination to revisit the world of Scavengers Reign, Merrill replied, "Oh absolutely," adding they have "some big ideas as to what could come next:"

“Oh absolutely. I do feel like we tried to tell a complete story, not a puzzle box that tries to lure people back. That being said, we do have some big ideas as to what could come next. I hope that we get to do it because we want to explore what comes next. We only saw a little bit of the planet.”

What Will Happen in Scavengers Reign Season 2?

While Season 1 tied things off in a narratively satisfying way, it also did enough to leave some doors open for any future stories. 

The first batch of episodes from the acclaimed animated series focused on the crew of Demeter 227 and how each grappled with being stranded in this new environment. 

The Season 1 finale saw the team finally come to terms with their new environment. 

But that is not to say the frontiers of Vesta have been tamed by the team. 

As Sean Buckelew teased, this volatile planet has "[more] up its sleeve."

The Season 1 finale teased the potential of a Vesta lifeform leaving its planetary confines, potentially planting the idea that Season 2 could be even more intergalactic than its initial run. 

Maybe - just after finally coming to grips with their new home - the Demeter team will be called back to Earth in some way or another, with the threat of the Vesta alien headed in that direction. 

Scavengers Reign Season 1 is streaming now on Max. 

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