Will Fionna and Cake Season 2 Happen? Producer Responds to Future Prospects

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Fionna & Cake

With the first season of Max’s Fionna and Cake having just wrapped up, its showrunner discussed the chances of a Season 2.

Fionna and Cake, the second spin-off of Cartoon Network’s fan-favorite show Adventure Time, stars the titular, gender-swapped versions of series mainstays, Jake the Dog and Finn the Human.

The story concerns Fionna, a young woman working dead-end jobs who travels the Multiverse and winds up in the magical Land of Ooo. 

Executive producer Adam Muto previously spoke on his concerns over doing another Adventure Time series, but the critical and fan reception to Fionna and Cake has been stellar.

A Season 2 for Fionna and Cake?

During an interview with The Hollywood Handle, Fionna and Cake showrunner and executive producer Adam Muto commented on the idea of a Season 2 or even another Adventure Time spin-off. Muto noted that the prospect felt “very out of our control:”

“I don’t know. I hope so in some way, but it’s very out of our control. It depends on how things do. We’ll keep pitching stuff, but it always feels like a craps shoot. I feel really fortunate that we were able to do this after the original series ended so keep your fingers crossed. This was already pretty extremely unlikely that we got to make this and I think we’re really fortunate that we were able to do this!”

It is notable that Fionna and Cake’s first season left some loose plot threads dangling, such as the identity of Prismo’s boss, and the further expansion of story details that take place over a thousand years into the future. That time period is ripe for exploration in another Adventure Time installment.

What Are the Odds of More Adventure Time?

The response to Fionna and Cake has really been quite positive. In fact, the series currently sits at a 100% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 98% positive audience score.

So, one would assume that green lighting more content set in this universe and more time spent alongside these beloved characters would be a no-brainer.

But streaming is in kind of a weird place right now, with many studios in cost-cutting mode due to various factors. So, Warner Bros. (WB) might be thinking that they don’t wish to order another season of Fionna and Cake. Or worse, they might renew the series only to un-renew it, which has indeed been an unfortunate fate for a handful of shows in recent years.

Still, Adam Muto mentioned that he and his team will continue to pitch new ideas, so perhaps a return to the Land of Ooo might actually be in store for fans, should one of these ideas strike WB’s fancy.

All 10 episodes of Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake are now streaming on Max.

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