Adventure Time's Future Gets Promising Update from Showrunner

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Adventure Time showrunner Adam Muto has fans excited after offering a promising update about the future of the franchise. 

The beloved animated series has been off the air for more than five years, yet remains top of mind for so many. 

Since the mainline series' 2018 finale, two spin-offs for the Cartoon Network show have come to pass, including the stellar Fionna & Cake series which told a new, more mature story in the world, streaming exclusively on Max

Muto has been frank in his thoughts about the future of the franchise, talking about the idea of the show eventually getting a reboot as well as plenty of other projects set within the world of Ooo. 

Will Adventure Time Get More Seasons?

Finn and Jake in Adventure Time
Adventure Time

As a part of a recent interview Adventure Time showrunner Adam Muto gave fans a hint at what the future of the franchise could look like. 

In a conversation with ScreenRant, Muto offered up a promising update for the series, remarking he is "pretty confident there will be" more of Adventure Time:

"I wish. I mean, I think streaming has made it a lot harder to predict the life of what’s going to happen for a different iteration of the show, because I’m pretty confident there will be, but I have no idea when. I think in the meantime, we’re just developing stuff and kind of seeing what the next year is going to be like."

This comes after Muto's latest Adventure Time spin-off Fionna & Cake ended its 10-episode run on Max, with it still being a question of if it will get a sophomore run. 

According to Muto (via Variety), a Fionna & Cake Season 2 is "in discussion," but it is unclear if it will happen or not. 

The Adventure Time creative cited, "the person who greenlit the first season is no longer at Max" as one of the reasons why there is some questionability about a second season. 

 Muto previously told The Hollywood Reporter that Fionna & Cake Season 2 is "very out of [his] control" and he is "keeping [his] fingers crossed:"

“I don’t know. I hope so in some way, but it’s very out of our control. It depends on how things do. We’ll keep pitching stuff, but it always feels like a craps shoot. I feel really fortunate that we were able to do this after the original series ended so keep your fingers crossed. This was already pretty extremely unlikely that we got to make this and I think we’re really fortunate that we were able to do this!”

What Does the Future of Adventure Time Look Like?

After both Fionna & Cake and the other Adventure Time spin-off Distant Lands, the path ahead for the franchise remains unclear. 

Showrunner Adam Muto seems to have a good head about it, sharing he is "pretty confident" this will not be the last fans hear of the beloved series. 

Of course, all that is conjecture at this point, as he and the Adventure Time team "keep pitching stuff" to Warner Bros. in hopes of getting the next project off the ground. 

As for where these next titles could go, there are plenty of avenues for the beloved animated world to venture down. 

Muto has said that they have "so many different ideas" for spin-offs, it is just a matter of getting one greenlit. 

These ancillary adventures will likely not star the original series' protagonists Finn the Human and Jake the Dog according to the Adventure Time creative though. 

While he loves Jake and Finn, he seems to think other characters would be "interesting" to explore and "we don't necessarily have to follow" Finn all the time. 

That could mean more supporting characters like the titular duo from Fionna & Cake could be the focus of the franchise moving forward, but that is not to say the series will never come back to Finn and Jake. 

Both Adventure Time and its spin-offs can be streamed now on Max. 

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