Why Adventure Time Will Get Rebooted One Day, According to Showrunner

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Although Adventure Time ended its main run in 2018, showrunner Adam Muto appears to be at peace with the idea that a reboot will eventually happen down the line.

In July 2020, Muto told IGN about his concerns regarding developing more Adventure Time spin-offs, noting that "it just depends on a lot of things" like story ideas and timing.

For now, a spin-off titled Fionna & Cake is continuing the franchise's legacy, including some of the core characters like an adult version of Finn and Simon Petrikov, formerly known as the Ice King.

Adventure Time Showrunner Addresses Franchise's Reboot Prospects

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In an interview with Inverse, Adventure Time and Fionna & Cake showrunner Adam Muto was asked if he is considering developing a sequel about adult Finn's adventures. 

Muto pointed out that there are "some" other characters that could take the spotlight aside from Finn in the future: 

"I think there are some other characters for sure that it would be interesting to do. Not discounting Finn, but so much of the original show was about him growing up that it felt satisfying where we left him off and now we're seeing glimpses of him. He's really unchanged and it's not a clear line of getting more and more mature over the years."

While Finn could still be the center of a potential future spin-off "if there was a really good take on it," the showrunner admitted that it is not necessary to follow the character:

"If there was a really good take on it, maybe we would do something. But I like the idea that he just kind of is living his own life and we get to see him, but we don't necessarily have to follow him for multiple episodes. We kind of get around that by seeing the Farm World version of him, which is a very different version."

Muto continued by pointing out that a reboot of the franchise will eventually happen, mainly due to "the recognizability of the characters:"

"Eventually, there will just be some reboot that has nothing to do with the continuity we've established, and it's more about the recognizability of the characters. Because they are very recognizable, just as visual icons. You have the blue thing and the pink thing and the yellow thing, and I feel like that might trump whatever particular character arc we laid out. It might become the new version and that will be somebody else's 'Adventure Time.'"

When Will a Reboot of Adventure Time Happen?

Given Fionna & Cake is just starting its run on the streaming realm, there's a good chance that an eventual reboot of Adventure Time will not happen anytime soon. 

It could be 10 years down the line or even more, considering that the main show only finished its run five years ago, as of writing.

Still, if and when it happens, its showrunner, Adam Muto, is comfortable with the idea of a reboot and suggests that whoever will spearhead a new one will receive his blessing. 

When Adventure Time ended in 2018, Muto spoke with The Dot and Line to reflect on the inevitability of a reboot, admitting, "That's just how franchises are now:"

"I don’t even think it’s an option. I think that will just happen, and it’s when it will happen. That’s just how franchises are now. Will it happen now or 10 years from now? I don’t know. It’ll happen, it’ll look different, and probably none of us will be involved in it and that’s just kind of how the life cycle of IPs now."

Although exploring a reboot for Adventure Time might be tricky, it allows the franchise to flourish in ways that it didn't before. 

Whether or not it focuses on rebooted iterations of Finn and Jake or entirely new characters, future creatives are expected to take on the challenge of being flexible with fresh storylines that could make their version stand out. 

All episodes of Adventure Time are streaming on Max.

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