Fionna and Cake Cast & Characters: 22 Main Actors & Who They Play (Photos)

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Fionna, Cake, Donald Glover, Madeleine Martin

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake features a star-studded cast led by Madeleine Martin and Donald Glover

The Adventure Time spin-off from Max revolves around the story of the gender-swapped titular versions of Jake the Human and Finn the Dog set in an alternate universe. 

Fionna & Cake's promotional campaign provided a glimpse of what to expect, such as showcasing scenes of the real world, the magical Land of Ooo, and Adult Finn's surprise inclusion

Every Actor and Character in Fionna & Cake

1.) Madeleine Martin - Fionna Campbell

Madeleine Martin, Fionna
Fionna & Cake

Returning to the world of Adventure Time is Madeleine Martin as Fionna Campbell. 

Although the episode begins with Fionna and Cake rescuing citizens from a Rat-buz in a seemingly fantasy-infused world, the installment shows that it is all but a wild dream. 

Unlike Adventure Time where magic is everywhere, the spin-off shows the normal side of the world where Fionna is a struggling millennial who has a mundane job and a pet named Cake, an ordinary cat. 

Despite being normal, Fionna has a knack for seeking new adventures. 

Martin is a veteran actress whose credits include Californication, The Discoverers, Hemlock Grove, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

2.) Roz Ryan - Cake

Roz Ryan, Cake
Fionna  & Cake

Roz Ryan lends her voice to Cake, Fionna's pet and trusty sidekick who has stretchy powers similar to Finn. 

While the early moments of the season have fewer scenes of Cake talking, it is expected that it will only be a matter of time before Ryan's voice-acting prowess will be pushed to the forefront in the coming episodes. 

Aside from conquering Broadway, Ryan has an impressive resume which includes voice roles as Thalia in 1997's Hercules and Bubbie in The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. The actress is also known for her appearances in I Think I Love My Wife and Raven's Home

3.) Donald Glover - Marshall Lee

Donald Glover, Marshall Lee
Fionna & Cake

Coming back as Marshall Lee's voice is Donald Glover. 

In Fionna & Cake, Marshall Lee is a regular person who is one of Fionna's friends and a street musician. In Ice King's imagination, Marshall is the gender-swapped version of Marceline. 

Glover is no stranger to voice roles, considering his work as Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man and as Simba in Disney's live-action Lion King movie. 

The Grammy award winner is also known for his role as Troy Barnes in Community and a young Lando Calrissian in Solo. 

4.) Andrew Rannells - Gary Prince

Andrew Rannells, Gary Prince
Fionna & Cake

Another one of Fionna's friends in the spin-off is Gary Prince, a character voiced by Andrew Rannells. 

In Ice King's fanfiction, Gary Prince is actually Prince Gumball aka Princess Bubblegum who confessed his feelings for Fionna. However, in Fionna & Cake, Gary is just a regular barista. 

Rannells' past credits include voicing several characters in Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! series. The actor also has live-action screen credits in his name from projects, such as Girls, Black Sunday, and A Simple Favor.

5.) Vico Ortiz - Hunter & Fern

Vico Ortiz, Hunter
Fionna & Cake

One is not enough for Vico Ortiz as he voices two characters named Hunter and Fern. 

Hunter is a person who loves nature and takes Fionna on a tour featuring all the plants he cares for. The character is a gender-swapped version of Huntress Wizard in Adventure Time lore.

Meanwhile, Fern is one of the passengers of Queenie Bus Tours. 

6.) Pendleton Ward - Ellis P

Pendleton Ward, Ellis P
Fionna & Cake

Pendleton Ward is the voice of Ellis P., Lumpy Space Prince's human version. 

In Fionna & Cake, Marshall tells Fionna to take Cake to Ellis to try and cure her since she can't afford to take her pet to the veterinarian. 

Ward is a veteran voice actor who is known for his roles in The Simpsons, Adventure Time, and The Midnight Gospel.

7.) Chelsea Peretti - Queenie

Chelsea Peretti, Queenie
Fionna & Cake

Serving as the voice of Queenie is Chelsea Peretti. 

Queenie acts as the head of Queenie Bus Tours and Fionna's obnoxious boss who fires her after a dismal job performance. The character is the Queen of Ooo's human version. 

Perhaps the most well-known role of Peretti is her portrayal of Gina Linetti in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The actress' other credits include Game Night, Sing 2, and New Girl.

8.) Robbie Daymond - Ice Prince, TV Announcer & Bar Guy

Robbie Draymond, Ice Prince
Fionna & Cake

Robbie Draymond voices three characters in Fionna & Cake, namely the Ice Prince, the TV announcer, and the Bar guy in Episode 2. 

The Ice Prince is the mysterious "prince charming" person who appears in Fionna's dreams. Meanwhile, the TV announcer can be heard saying "Cheers is filmed before a live studio audience" in Episode 1's opening moments.

The Bar guy is the one who appears on the TV.

9.) Elle Newlands - Beatrice Buttler & Van Driver

Elle Newlands, Beatrice Buttler
Fionna & Cake

Elle Newlands lends her voice to two characters: Beatrice Buttler and the van driver. 

Beatrice Buttler is Gary's boss in the bakeshop who gets annoyed by Cake while the van driver is the one who tells Marshall that he usually doesn't pay the fare. 

10.) Maria Bamford - Starchy

Maria Bamford, Starchy
Fionna & Cake

Maria Bamford lends her voice to Starchy, one of the bus passengers of Queenie Bus Tours who tells Fionna that he lives in the graveyard. 

In Adventure Time lore, Starchy is a character who strongly believes in magic and the paranormal (no wonder he loves the graveyard). 

11.) Dee Bradley Baker - Ratbus, Banana Guard #1, Mudskipper, Bear & Goo Zombies

Dee Bradley Baker, Ratbus
Fionna & Cake

Veteran voice actor Dee Bradley Baker, whose work mostly consists of vocalizations of animals and monsters, returns to the Adventure Time universe as the man behind several characters. 

Baker plays the Ratbus, Fionna and Cake's enemy in the opening sequence. The actor also lends his voice to a Banana Guard in Episode 1, the monster called Mudskipper, and the bear and goo zombies at the start of Episode 2.

12.) Tom Kenny - Simon Petrikov

Tom Kenny, Simon Petrikov
Fionna & Cake

Tom Kenny is the voice of Simon Petrikov, the main focus of Fionna & Cake Episode 2. 

Simon is the Ice King's human form who reverts to his normal self. However, the spin-off cemented the fact that he is living with an existential crisis since he clearly doesn't know his next path. 

Tom Kenny is widely known as the voice of Spongebob Squarepants. 

13.) Audrey Bennett - Young Marceline & Astrid

Audrey Bennett, young Marceline
Fionna & Cake

In Episode 2, a young Marceline is seen running around a much older Simon in a zombie-infested world, and this character is voiced by Audrey Bennett. 

Meanwhile, Bennett also voices a diehard Fionna and Cake fan named Astrid who bothers Simon about signing her book. 

14.) Hynden Walch - Princess Bubblegum, Child Wizard & Tourist #3

Hynden Walch, Princess Bubblegum
Fionna & Cake

Hynden Walch voices Princess Bubblegum, a gender-swapped version of Prince Bubblegum. 

The actor also plays a child wizard and one of the tourists in Episode 2 who asks Simon about the phone. 

15.) Jeff Bennett - Evil Choose Goose

Jeff Bennett, Evil Choose Goose
Fionna & Cake

Jeff Bennet plays the Evil Choose Goose, a character who speaks in rhymes and tries to lure Simon into summoning Fionna and Cake into his world. 

In Adventure Time, Choose Goose is not evil. Instead, he sells rare objects to Finn and Jake to help them in their journey.

16.) Jeremy Shada - Finn

Jeremy Shada, Finn
Fionna & Cake

Finn's adult version in Fionna & Cake is voiced by none other than Jeremy Shada. 

In the spin-off, the last human in Ooo is now taller and muscular, but he is still a boy inside who seeks adventures and prompts Simon to join him.

To date, Shada has voiced Finn in the most number of episodes, and it's quite fitting that he came back in the spin-off. 

17.) Oliva Olson - Marceline

Oliva Olson, Marceline
Fionna & Cake

Oliva Olson lends her voice to Marceline. 

In the spin-off, Simon and Marceline are acquainted with each other, with the former calling the latter while she is getting tattoos. 

Fionna & Cake strongly implies that Simon misses Marceline, and this longingness might've prompted him to bring Fionna and Cake into his world. 

18.) Phil LaMarr - Goo Zombies, Dog Tourist, Tourist #4

Phil LaMarr, dog tourist
Fionna & Cake

Phil LaMarr serves as the voice of several characters, namely the goo zombies during Episode 2's opening, the dog tourist who was rude to Simon, and another tourist. 

19.) Erica Mendez - Skater Fairies

Erica Mendez, Skater Fairies
Fionna & Cake

Erica Mendez voices one of the Skater Fairies in Episode 2.

Mendez is known for her past roles in Hunter x Hunter, Kill la Kill, and Aggretsuko.

20.) Cristina Valenzuela - Skater Fairies

Cristina Valenzuela, Skater Fairies
Fionna & Cake

Cristina Valenzuela lends her voice to the other Skater Fairy who throws a small bush to Simon. 

Valenzuela's credits include Miraculous Secrets, High-Rise Invasion, and LEGO Friendz: Girls 4 Life.

21.) Jack Pendarvis - Dirt Beer Guy

Jack Pendarvis, Dirt Beer Guy
Fionna & Cake

Giving a helping hand to Simon during his sad moments in Episode 2 is Dirt Beer Guy, a character voiced by Jack Pendarvis. 

In the installment, Dirt Beer Guy tries to help Simon overcome his existential crisis by giving him a drink and advice on how to move forward.

22.) Dan Mintz - TV

Dan Mints, TV
Fionna & Cake

Dan Mintz lends his voice to TV, Jake's son who appears in the bar alongside Finn who tells Simon that Fionna & Cake's stories are good.

Fionna & Cake is now streaming on Max.

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