Adventure Time: First Look at Adult Finn In Fionna & Cake Spin-off Revealed (Photo)

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Adventure Time Finn Adult

New images from the latest Adventure Time spin-off revealed a first look at an adult take on the series' primary protagonist - Finn the Human. 

Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake is currently on its ten-episode run on Max, following Fionna the Human and Cake the Cat, the gender-swapped versions of series mainstays Finn and Jake the Dog who appeared in several episodes of the mainline series. 

While Adventure Time was previously skewed younger, Fionna & Cake is being sold as a young adult series. This comes with a hope of picking up fans who grew up watching the original series, as Fionna and Cake go on a "multi-verse hopping journey of self-discovery" (via Warner Bros.)

The spin-off will also feature some familiar characters from across Adventure Time lore, including the former Ice King, Simon Petrikov, who has been featured prominently in marketing for the series alongside the titular duo. 

Adult Finn Appears in Adventure Time Spin-Off

Fans finally have confirmation that Adventure Time protagonist Finn the Human will appear in the latest series spin-off, Fionna & Cake

New stills from the series revealed a close look at adult Finn for the very first time after he was last seen as a young man in Adventure Time: Distant Lands, a previously released spin-off. 

Adult Finn Fionna and Cake
Warner Bros.

With Fionna & Cake taking place 12 years after the finale of the original series, this is the oldest audiences have seen the last human left in Ooo. 

Finn's beard looks to be longer than it was in his Distant Lands appearance, still sporting his iconic blue shirt and shorts, as well as his white hat. 

Adult Finn comparison
Warner Bros.

The Adventure Time figurehead briefly popped up in one of the spin-off's first trailers; however, his face was not visible. 

Adult Finn Fionna and Cake Trailer
Warner Bros.

The Future of Finn and Adventure Time

Even though Finn is no longer the young, naive adventurer he once was, that does not mean he will no longer be a part of the franchise that he helped bring to prominence. 

Perhaps Fionna and Cake could be the beginning of a new era for the character as he goes from mentee to mentor. 

Adventure Time showrunner Adam Muto has said many times Finn's arc in the original series is his favorite from across the franchise (per the Adventure Time wiki), watching him go from young boy to fully-matured young man over the span of nearly a decade on-screen. 

Muto had teased Finn's appearance in the spin-off, remarking at San Diego Comic-Con that fans would "see some versions of [him]."

Maybe Finn and Jake the Dog will serve as the wise masters going forward in the series, appearing as recurrent supporting characters in every Adventure Time spin-off. The pair could prove valuable, imparting their wisdom to whoever may need it for whatever weird and wacky adventure that may be afoot. 

This new, older version of Finn can be seen in Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake which has new episodes debuting on Max every Thursday starting August 31. 

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