Rylo Huncho Death: TikTok Rapper Dies from Tragic Accident

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TikTok rapper Rylo Huncho

TikTok rapper Rylo Huncho has died following a tragic accident captured online. 

Rylo Huncho Tragically Dies

Raleigh Freeman III (Rylo Huncho)
Raleigh Freeman III (Rylo Huncho)

Popular online personality and rapper Rylo Huncho (real name Raleigh Freeman III) accidentally took his own life on May 16 while filming an online video. 

Freeman, who was 17 years old, was seen handling a gun on an Instagram livestream before the firearm accidentally went off, shooting the teenage internet star in the head and capturing the entire thing on video. 

The teenage musician was rushed 15 miles from Parker Riddick/Cypress Manor in Suffolk, Virginia to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital before succumbing to the gunshot wound. 

His death was confirmed by one of his associates, Twin Porter, on Facebook, and a GoFundMe has been set up by Rylo Huncho's cousin in support of the musician's grieving family. 

As of writing, the online fundraiser has collected over $2,500 with a goal of $15,000. 

A candlelight tribute honoring Raleigh Freeman III's life was held on the evening of Sunday, May 19, as friends and family gathered in solace to pray and remember the talented young man.

Kara Dorsey, an educator who knew Huncho and his family, posted online about the teenager's death, writing that she has encouraged her students to "honor the legacy of their friend" and "to push through to graduation day and continue fulfilling their goals:"

"I tried to encourage them to honor the legacy of their friend and to continue being the thoughtful and polite young men they’d been in my only interaction with them…to push through to graduation day and continue fulfilling their goals. I told them that, while this won’t ease their pain or bring him back, it will honor him and bring joy to their grieving family during this time."

She reminisced about her sad familiarity with tragedy working as an educator, positing that "I’ve learned quite recently that there’s never a “right” thing to say" in these situations:

"I’ve learned quite recently that there’s never a 'right' thing to say to someone when they’ve lost a loved one, so I reminded them that being strong doesn’t mean not crying and that they’re always welcome in my classroom if they need a quiet space or someone to talk to. 

On their behalf, I’m hoping to solicit your help as well. If you can donate, please do, and if you can’t, please share."

Rylo Huncho is survived by his mother, and his death is assumed to be an accidental suicide. The investigation is ongoing. 

The Direct sends our heartfelt condolences to Rylo Huncho's family.

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