Rebel Moon Part 3 Prospects Addressed by Sofia Boutella (Exclusive)

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Rebel Moon Ed Skrein and Sofia Boutella

Rebel Moon - Part Three's prospects aren't looking great.

For a while, fans have known Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon wouldn't be a one-and-done project. What was originally only a single film was split into two parts during the development process.

However, past this two-part story, Netflix has been mum about the franchise's future.

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Sofia Boutella Comments on Possible Rebel Moon Part 3

Sofia Boutella in Rebel Moon: Part 2 - The Scargiver

Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver star Sofia Boutella sat down with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, revealing her interest in a possible third film, while also offering a discouraging update.

When asked if she’s talked to director Zack Snyder about joining forces for a Rebel Moon - Part Three, Boutella admitted she had "not yet," shutting down fans' hopes that initial plans for a threequel were in the works with the franchise's leading star:

"No, not yet. But if I mean, it would be amazing if they could go and find the Princess Issa. Because that's what we say at the end of movie number two, and it'll be quite fun to go back on set with Zack because we all love being part of this project so much."

The hypothetical of a television show then arose, which the actress seems all for depending on if Netflix does it or if Snyder is involved again:

"Why not? I'll have to read. Depending on if Netflix does it. If it's Zack who does. I'm not closed off to working and to being creative and especially taking back on board a character like Kora; who knows, maybe."

The actress spoke at length about how they pulled off a key sequence in The Scargiver’s big finale: Kora fighting Atticus while the Dreadnaught slowly crashed to the planet’s surface.

Boutella explained that the scene was "filmed on a slanted stage that was about 20 meters long:"

"It was filmed on a slanted stage that was about 20 meters long. As we're sliding, you had to have different elements being changed on the stage because it's never going to be the same space. But we had to film with the same--For example, you would have a box here, a pole here, and a bag here because everything is sliding, but we would have to work around those elements and reset every single time. So, between takes, we would have to climb back up and then slide back down."

"The engineering of this whole process was quite something for our grips [and] camera operators," Boutella praised:

"And we would have to have choreographed that on a flat surface, which you had to pretend that you're sliding. So the whole logistics of that, and the engineering of this whole process, was quite something for our grips [and] camera operators, for so many different departments on set, especially for the stunt team, which was fucking incredible... But yeah, it was quite something."

Boutella also confirmed that the entire sequence was one of the sets with "the most green screen" in either Rebel Moon film:

"And then when you watch the film, and it's a continuous scene, it's pretty mind-blowing because that's not how we shot it at all. But it was, it was quite something… I mean, [working Sharaan on Mireea] and that slanted stages were the most green screen. So, we had--it was 20 meters on 15 meters, you know, long, but everything else around us was completely built."

The entire conversation can be heard here:

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What's Next for the Rebel Moon Franchise?

The reception of both Rebel Moon films doesn't suggest that the franchise will continue past The Scargiver.

With Part One's 21% critic approval Rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Part Two's 15%, the desire for more stories in Zack Snyder’s new world does not seem to be strong. But just because it isn't a home run with critics doesn't mean it doesn't have an audience.

In its first four weeks on Netflix, Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire reached 73.6 million views, and it was the top movie globally for two weeks.

So it's not a complete dud performance-wise. If Snyder wants to tell more stories in that world, which he clearly does, Netflix could probably be convinced to commission further projects.

After all, the reveal that Princess Issa is still alive is a massive cliffhanger to end the franchise. Plus, the evil Balisarius, played by Fra Free, is still out there.

While Sofia Boutella might not have talked to Snyder about Part Three, the filmmaker did recently reveal that the hope is to make a total of six films in the franchise.

Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver is streaming now on Netflix.

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