Quantum Leap: Who Is Matt Dale? Special Tribute Explained

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Quantum Leap's most recent episode ended with a tribute to Matt Dale, a member of the show's family who passed away in December.

Remembering Quantum Leap's Matt Dale

Quantum Leap, Matt Dale
Matt Dale

In the closing moments of Quantum Leap's latest episode, 'The Outside' (Season 2, Episode 11), the show included a touching tribute to 'Our Friend', Matt Dale.

While Dale's name might not be familiar to everybody, he was close to many involved with the series.

Dale was a massive fan of the original Quantum Leap series, which carried over to this new run. He was the co-host of the Quantum Leap Podcast (QLP) and even wrote a three-book series called Beyond the Mirror Image that gave a deep dive into the original show.

As revealed on a GoFundMe (which can be found here) made by his family, the tragic event occurred on Christmas day of 2023. 

Two days prior, Dale was found unresponsive, having suffered a suspected cardiac arrest. While Paramedics were able to get his heart beating again, he was never able to regain consciousness and was taken off life support on Christmas day.

Matt Dale had been together with his wife, Sharon Dale, for fifteen years and had a son named Zack, who is seven years old.

Quantum Leap showrunner and co-creator Deborah Pratt posted on her Instagram to honor her dear friend. A snippet of her message can be seen below:

"It is with a heavy heart that I write this message to let you know that Matt Dale has passed away. He was a dear friend and a long-time ultimate 'Quantum Leap' fan... Help me keep the legend. In remembrance."

Dale's friends at the QLP also posted a heartfelt message, noting that "all of [them] here on the QLP team are heartbroken, and the podcast is going on a temporary hiatus as we regroup and take time to heal."

Quantum Leap airs every Tuesday on NBC with new episodes also streaming on Peacock.

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