Is a Prince of Egypt Live-Action Movie Releasing Soon? New Speculation Explained

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Prince of Egypt movie wallpaper

Speculation circulated online about a live-action adaptation of Dreamworks' classic animated film, The Prince of Egypt.

Rumors Teasing Live-Action The Prince of Egypt Remake

A fan-made poster teasing a live-action reboot of The Prince of Egypt made its way online, leading fans to believe the film was in active development.

Originally featuring the voice talents of Val Kilmer, Steve Martin, and Sandra Bullock in 1998, the live-action remake poster teased castings for Aladdin's Mena Massoud, Mr. Robot's Rami Malek, Black Panther's Angela Bassett, and more.

The image spotlighted Moses parting the Red Sea along with the tagline "Miracles happen when you believe," although no release date was included.

Fake The Prince of Egypt live-action poster.
The Prince of Egypt poster

Unfortunately, there are no official plans to remake The Prince of Egypt, with no quotes from anybody either at Dreamworks or from the original movie.

Currently,  a theatrical play version of The Prince of Egypt is making the rounds on Broadway, which was also shown in select theaters in November 2023.

Will The Prince of Egypt Live-Action Movie Be Made?

At this point, there is no information hinting The Prince of Egypt is set for a live-action remake, even with studios like Dreamworks always looking to get new successful movies in theaters.

Casting-wise, Mena Massoud would be the most likely actor to say yes to joining a project such as this one considering the way he's publicly discussed his struggles with finding work after 2019's hit Aladdin remake and his quest to play Ezra Bridger in Star Wars.

But taking into account the high-profile status of the rest of the proposed cast, getting a group of people of that caliber together would be quite the challenge should this film ever be greenlit.

And with so many fake posters and trailers being pushed into the public eye these days, fans will have to be extra careful in deciphering whether a film like The Prince of Egypt will truly be remade into something different.

The original The Prince of Egypt is available for rent or purchase on various streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

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