Percy Jackson Show: Who Is Poseidon? Actor & Character Details Explained

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Poseidon, played by Toby Stephens, in Percy Jackson show

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is slowly revealing its take on the iconic Gods of ancient Greece, including the ruler of the seas, Poseidon. 

Adapting author Rick Riordan's beloved young adult book series, the Percy Jackson show is now streaming on Disney+, telling the tale of a pre-teen named Percy who gets tangled in a god-sized conspiracy

In the first two episodes, audiences are introduced to several mainstays of Greek mythology, namely the Minotaur, a Fury, and gods like Dionysus. 

Who Plays Poseidon In Percy Jackson's Show?

Percy Jackson Poseidon Claim Disney+

While not having yet made a physical appearance in Percy Jackson and the Olympians (PJO), the Greek god Poseidon's presence looms large over the Disney+ streaming series. 

Closing out Episode 2 ("I Become Supreme Lord of the Bathroom") it was finally revealed the series' titular hero was the son of Poseidon, with the god of the sea claiming the boy as his own. 

Poseidon is an important figure in the Percy Jackson franchise, as one of the big three gods of Olympus (Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon). 

These three brothers were responsible for defeating the dastardly titan, Kronos, and for ushering in the age of the gods the series finds itself occupying. 

In the show, Poseidon will be played by Black Sails actor Toby Stephens and is described in the Lightning Thief book as "tall, handsome, powerful, yet gentle" with dark hair, a beard, and a Tommy Bahamas button-up. 

Poseidon Percy Jackson Series

Percy Jackson finds Poseidon clashing with his brothers Zeus and Hades. After years of cooperation, the series starts with Zeus accusing the sea-faring god of stealing his powerful Master Bolt, something the god of lightning pins on Poseidon's newly-discovered son, Percy. 

In PJO mythos, Percy is what is known as a Forbidden Child. Seeing as Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon carry with them a level of power the other gods fear, the three brothers were forbidden from bearing more children with mortals as the Olympians worried about the power that Demigod (or Half-Blood) could wield. 

So, when Zeus discovers Poseidon has gone against that pact, Percy instantly becomes a prime suspect in the case of the missing Master Bolt. 

Poseidon is known for his (of course) god-like strength, as well as his water-wielding abilities like creating tsunamis, tidal waves, and massive floods. 

What To Expect With PJO's Poseidon Going Forward

Percy Jackson Poseidon Books
Rick Riordan

For those familiar with The Lightning Thief, Poseidon does not feature too heavily in the story itself, but that is not to say he will never make an appearance. 

Instead, the god of the sea stands in the background throughout this story, gently nudging his son in the right direction on his quest to return the Master Bolt to its godly owner.

Percy does eventually come face-to-face with his father toward the end of the story, as Percy climbs Olympus to confront Zeus at the end of his cross-country journey. 

Following the events of Season 1 (an adaptation of The Lightning Thief), Poseidon becomes an even more important character, making multiple appearances across the book series. 

However, he remains a recurring character, never truly joining the cast of Half-Bloods side-by-side on one of his many adventures. 

But that is just on the page, the Disney+ series has already deviated from the source material in a few places, so who is to know what alterations the show could make to Poseidon and how he plays into Percy's story? 

Percy Jackson and the Olympians continues streaming on Disney+ with new episodes coming every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET.  

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