Netflix Developing TWO Peaky Blinders Spin-off Shows (Report)

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Peaky Blinders, Cillian Murphy

According to a new report, Netflix will be developing two Peaky Blinders spin-off shows in an effort for the streaming service to lean into its popular IPs more moving forward.

While Disney+'s streaming model seems very reliant on franchises like the MCU and Star Wars, and Max has DC properties among its collection, Netflix has never been as reliant on its big-name franchises.

That is not to say Netflix has no franchises whatsoever, but many of its most popular shows stand entirely alone as of now, including Stranger Things, Bridgerton, and The Witcher.

Peaky Blinders' Bright Future on Netflix

Polly in Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders

A report from Bloomberg reveals that Netflix is seeming to "[enter] its franchise era," producing spin-offs, sequels, and prequels for its most popular projects — including the series Peaky Blinders, which is reported to have two spin-off shows currently in development.

According to the report, one show will be a sequel to the original series occurring in 20th century Boston, while the other will center on Polly Gray (played in Peaky Blinders by the late Helen McCrory).

Granted, "in development" is a fairly loose term. This does not mean anything is confirmed or even that the shows have plots or arcs planned yet. It just means they could be coming soon.

What Could the Peaky Blinders Spin-Offs Be About?

If these two spin-offs do move beyond development, there are a few different avenues fans could expect to see the stories take.

Regarding the sequel series in 20th century Boston, it's ending featured dination of a business takeover arranged by Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and Alfie Solomons (Paul Anderson) in Boston. Perhaps there is a story in what happened after, or what the effects were years later?

It would not surprise fans if Polly-focused spin-off featured a younger version of the character than the one fans are familiar with in Peaky Blinders, given McCroy's death in 2021. Though, that is simply speculation — Polly could theoretically be re-cast to be around the same age she was when fans saw her last.

Peaky Blinders is available to stream on Netflix.

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