Peacemaker Season 2 Gets Exciting Update: When Will It Release?

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DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn gave an official update on the status of Peacemaker Season 2, starring John Cena as Chris Smith.

In June, Gunn confirmed that not only is a second season of Peacemaker in the works but that it's his "next thing" after he finishes Superman: Legacy:

"No, 'Peacemaker'’s coming back right after 'Superman.' That’s my next thing."

In addition, a major development just happened in Hollywood as the 146-day Writers Guild of America strike ended. This means that all major movies and TV series can resume being written before filming.

Official Peacemaker Season 2 Update

Vigilante poster from Peacemaker series.

James Gunn, the writer and director of Peacemaker, shared on Instagram that he's back to working on Season 2 of the hit DC series.

Instagram user dramaturgicallyspeaking commented on Gunn's recent post, writing, "SEASON 2 PLEASE" to which Gunn responded plainly, "Writing it now."

Following the writers' strike, Gunn will be looking to not only work on his credited projects like Peacemaker 2 and Superman: Legacy but will continue to find talent for projects like The Brave and the Bold within his new DCU.

When Will Peacemaker Season 2 Release?

Following the official announcement for DC's new universe, beginning with Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters, the upcoming slate has only been slightly solidified.

The animated series Creature Commandos will kick off the new DCU in 2024, followed by the theatrical Superman: Legacy reboot hitting theaters on July 11, 2025. Gunn recently explained how the new DCU canon begins with those two projects.

Following those two projects, there aren't any dates locked down for any of the interconnected DC shows or films that were announced.

Waller, starring Viola Davis, will likely go into development earlier than other series like Lanterns, Booster Gold, or Paradise Lost. In April, Variety reported that Waller is also due in 2024, but this timetable may have shifted due to the strikes.

Theatrically, The Authority or The Brave in the Bold will likely follow Legacy

However, considering Gunn's hands-on approach with Peacemaker Season 2, fans can expect this next season to be streaming before either of those films.

Similar to Gunn's work on The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker Season 1, eager audience members should be prepared for an early 2026 release for Season 2. 

The Suicide Squad was released in August 2021, and Peacemaker Season 1 premiered on January 13, 2022.

Peacemaker is now streaming on Max.

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