Overboard 2024 Remake Rumors: Are Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey Releasing a New Movie Together?

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Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson

Fans are hearing rumors about a potential Overboard movie remake coming in 2024 behind the famous duo Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey.

Rumors on 2024 Overboard Remake - Is the Movie Real?

A new poster is going viral online (primarily on Facebook) teasing a 2024 remake of the 1987 movie Overboard, which famously featured real-world couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in the leading roles.

The poster puts Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in the leading roles of Dean Proffitt and Joanna Mintz-Stayton as the two jump off a boat into the ocean with huge smiles on their faces. Also included is a July 2024 release date, teasing a potential debut in a few months.

The full poster can be seen below:

Matthew McConaughey wearing overalls and a plaid shirt, Kate Hudson wearing a long red dress, both of them jumping off of a boat into the water with an Overboard logo above their heads in a life raft
Overboard poster

This would not be the first new version of 1987's Overboard, as fans saw a 2018 remake of the film hit theaters behind Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris.

That film had Derbez and Faris playing different characters than the original movie, with Derbez's Leonardo Montenegro being the wealthy/spoiled personality and Faris' Kate Sullivan putting in hard work as a physical laborer

That remake did not perform well critically, earning a 24% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes, although it grossed about $91 million at the box office on only a $12 million budget.

As for this rumored remake with McConaughey and Hudson, there are no official reports from any sources confirming it to be in development. In addition, the aforementioned poster and synopsis are fan-made and unofficial.

Many believe the idea originated from a post on X (formerly Twitter) by actress Emma Roberts in 2011, which urged for this specific casting to happen:

"Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey need to remake 'Overboard!' Love that movie"

Are Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson Working Together Again?

For all the praise and popularity Overboard built over the years, the chances of it being remade again are slim to none, especially taking a 2023 quote from original star Goldie Hawn into consideration.

Speaking with Variety, she called her original film "really perfect just as it was," bluntly explaining how she was not a fan of remakes in general, including the redone version of her film:

"'Overboard' was really perfect just as it was. Very rarely does a remake match the actual original film. So I’m not a fan of remakes, period. I think that people have put their stamp on their movies, and if they’re classics, they should be left alone."

After working together twice (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Fool's Gold), both Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson now have plenty of work coming down the pipeline.

McConaughey finished filming his work on The Rivals of Amziah King (per the official Alabama website) in August 2023, which is currently waiting for its official release date to be set.

He is also set to star (per Deadline) in the Paul Greengrass-directed The Lost Bus, which is produced by Jason Blum and Jamie Lee Curtis. The production schedule for this new film has not been confirmed yet.

Meanwhile, Hudson will team up with The Handmaid's Tale director Max Minghella and star Elisabeth Moss for a role in a psychological thriller titled Shell (per Deadline). 

The project was reported to be introduced to international buyers at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023, although details on production remain under wraps.

1987's Overboard is now streaming for free on Tubi. That film and its 2018 remake are available for purchase in most digital marketplaces.

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