Outlander Season 7 Part 2 Gets Official Update: When Will It Release?

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An official update on the status of Outlander Season 7 Part 2 points toward a potential release date coming soon.

The first eight episodes of Season 7 began airing on June 16 and concluded on August 11, 2023. The popular series has been running on Starz since 2014.

Based on Diana Gabaldon's Outlander novel series, this show revolves around a World War II nurse transported to 1743, where she develops a romantic connection with a Highland warrior.

Outlander Season 7 Part 2 Titles Revealed

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The rest of the titles for the eight-episode Outlander Season 7 Part 2 were unveiled by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Directory.

Kicking off where Part 1 left off, Episode 9 of the season is titled "Unfinished Business," and the final episode will be titled " A Hundred Thousand Angels:"

  • Season 7, Episode 9 - "Unfinished Business"
  • Season 7, Episode 10 - "Brotherly Love"
  • Season 7, Episode 11 - "A Hundredweight of Stone"
  • Season 7, Episode 12 - "Carnal Knowledge"
  • Season 7, Episode 13 - "The Raven and the Dove"
  • Season 7, Episode 14  - "Ye Dinna Get Used to It"
  • Season 7, Episode 15 - "Written in My Own Hearts Blood"
  • Season 7, Episode 16 - "A Hundred Thousand Angels"

While Season 8 of Outlander is fully in the works, fans still wonder when Part 2 of Season 7 will be released. This episode title update helps narrow down some of the release possibilities.

When Will Outlander Season 7 Part 2 Release?

With fans eager for Season 7 Part 2 of Outlander, previous filming and release patterns point to an estimate of when it will be released.

Season 5 aired from February to May 2020, but Season 6 faced delays due to the pandemic, eventually starting in February 2021. 

Season 6 aired from March to May 2022, and Season 7 production began in May of the same year. Looking ahead, Season 8 is set to film from Spring to October 2024. 

Should the second part of Season 7 be aired close to the beginning of Season 8's production in Spring 2024, mirroring the pattern of the preceding season, Season 7, Episode 9 will probably air in Spring 2024.

Season 7, Part 1 of Outlander was released on Starz on Fridays, which should be the expectation once again with Season 7, Part 2.

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