When Will Outer Banks Season 4 Release? Lead Actor Shares Promising Update

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Outer Banks star Chase Stokes revealed what he knows about Season 4's release date on Netflix.

Stokes has played John B., the ringleader of Outer Banks' working-class teens (aka the "Pogues"), since the teen adventure drama's 2020 streaming debut.

Following Season 3's dramatic conclusion and intriguing cliffhanger, the 2023 Hollywood writers' and actors' strikes delayed Season 4's production; but now that filming is well underway, the question is when John B.'s next adventure will finally begin streaming.

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Outer Banks Season 4 Release Prospects

Outer Banks Chase Stokes

In talking with People, Chase Stokes revealed the cast is "getting close" to the "finish line" on Outer Banks Season 4, which was confirmed for a 2024 release by Netflix early this year. 

While this supports a previous claim that Season 4 will conclude filming by May 20, the John B. actor has no info about a release date, saying, "[Netflix] won't tell us anything:"

“They won't tell us anything. God's honest truth. They're like, ‘You guys might tell the world, so we're going to keep to ourselves.’”

As for what Outer Banks fans can expect from the new season, Stokes teased a return to Season 1's "authenticity" and "characters:"

“The writers talked about how there was a real want for a lot of the authenticity and the characters in season 1. So I will say that they do a good job this season of that."

However, it is important to note that John B., Sarah, and the rest of the Pogues are in a dramatically different place in life at the start of Season 4.

Not only did they succeed in finding the treasure of El Dorado by Season 3's conclusion and now have a different "lifestyle," but they have also experienced life-altering events and a "level of trauma:"

“It's been a huge, huge shift in lifestyle in a very, very short period of time if you look at the actual timeline of the show. And I think when you go through that level of trauma, for sure, it'll make you start asking those deeper questions.”

While it will be interesting to see how these questions, changes, and doubts impact the cast's new Blackbeard-centric quest, Chase Stokes also promised plenty of the "YA drama" and treasure hunts fans have come to expect.

When To Expect Outer Banks Season 4 Debut?

Even though Chase Stokes was not able to provide a confirmed release date, his claim that filming is "getting close" to wrapping suggests Season 4's production has been smooth and without delays.

If filming does conclude by the end of May, it's possible that Outer Banks Season 4 premieres on Netflix in Fall 2024. 

In the past, Outer Banks seasons dropped anywhere from three to five months following their wrap date.

For instance, Season 3 began filming on February 15, 2022, finished in September 2022, and then premiered on the streamer by February 23, 2023. 

If Season 4 follows the same timeline as Season 3, the earliest fans could expect new episodes is October 2024. 

Outer Banks Season 1-3 is streaming now on Netflix.

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