Obi-Wan Kenobi Theory Explains How Reva Will Endanger Luke Skywalker In the Finale

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Obi-Wan Kenobi is now in the homestretch with just one episode to go. Reception has been mixed to this point, but "Part V" has by far and away been met with the highest praise. After a harrowing escape that saw the rescue of Princess Leia from Fortress Inquisitorious, Obi-Wan unwittingly leads Imperial forces to a safe haven on Jabiim.

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Though they suffered losses, the heroes were able to narrowly evade Darth Vader's wrath, and an unlikely assistant emerged.

While "ally" wouldn't quite be the word to describe Reva, her attempt at revenge on Vader offered Obi-Wan the chance to return to Leia. Until "Part V," viewers knew strikingly little about the Third Sister and what drove her. Series creators and cast members often spoke of the character's importance to the story, but a general disdain for the Jedi (Obi-Wan Kenobi in particular) and the pursuit of the Grand Inquisitor position were all viewers knew of the antagonist.

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As it turns out, many early theories about the character proved correct. The show opened with an Order 66 sequence in the Jedi Temple that left a group of younglings on their own, and Reva revealed she was among the group. Her personal gripe with Obi-Wan stems from his inability to stop Anakin Skywalker's turn to the dark side, who personally slaughtered her friends in a vicious flashback sequence.

Reva's true goal is to kill Vader - and her attempt goes about as well as anyone could expect. After taking a lightsaber to the chest from her worst nightmare, the lost youngling is left in the base on Jabiim to die a slow death. But she's a crafty survivor, and a mistake on Bail Organa's part has given her something to live for: the knowledge that Luke Skywalker exists. Though his name isn't stated explicitly, there are enough pieces present for Reva to piece the situation together - which could lead to the gravest threat the Son of Skywalker has encountered at a young age.

Revenge For Anakin's Dark Deeds

Anakin Order 66
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Much of the transmission Bail sent was garbled by the damage Obi-Wan's communicator took, but the word "Tatooine" was clear. Mention of "he" and "the children" would be vague to anyone without direct knowledge of Anakin's fall and his twins with Padme. However, Reva is already among the rare few who know Darth Vader's true identity, and she met Owen Lars earlier in the series while on the prowl for Jedi - another name-dropped in the indiscrete message.

It's safe to assume that Reva is smart enough to deduce who "he" is, and with the knowledge of the children under the care of Owen and Bail, answers begin presenting themselves. Obi-Wan's personal involvement in the kids' safety makes things all the more obvious: Anakin Skywalker has children.

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But why go after Luke?

The boy is innocent, and the message implies the accurate truth that Vader doesn't know exists. Reva can't stand a chance against Vader. The decade of anguish she spent working her way towards revenge was spat on by the Sith Lord in minutes, and she was left behind in the gutter. Perhaps she could find a way to make contact with Obi-Wan and go after Vader together, but the Jedi Master likely isn't capable of beating him in combat - and as Reva has already assessed, Kenobi doesn't have it in him to see his old friend die.

Simply put, Reva wants to make Vader hurt, just as he forced her to suffer for years. She can't kill him, but Luke now offers an emotional opening in the cruel Sith's heart that can be exploited. It's doubtful that Reva is aware of the pain Vader feels for his losses and choices every waking moment, and it doesn't matter. The knowledge of Luke's death will hurt Vader more than she could ever know, and she'll have finally tasted revenge.

Reva Returns to Tatooine

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Because Vader didn't deal an instantly fatal blow, there's time for Reva to heal herself. The base on Jabiim should be well-equipped with medical supplies, and as the Grand Inquisitor noted, revenge is a powerful motivator for the will to live.

Once she's patched herself, the tough hunter can easily find a ship to steal and head for Tatooine. Vader was kind enough to leave her lightsaber behind for her, so Reva has the tool needed to exact her vengeance - though Force abilities would be just as sufficient. Owen already made mention of his farm to her, so all that's left for the former Inquisitor to do is locate the homestead and fulfill her promise of hurting his family.

A likely plan is to take the family captive and place a transmission for Vader, holding a lightsaber to Luke's neck as she explains what the fallen Anakin Skywalker is about to lose. Add the boy to the list of people Anakin couldn't save, someone he thought died alongside his wife. Reva witnessed him committing the most vile of atrocities, and the least she can do is return the favor.

Does she really want to, though?

Kenobi Saves The Day

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Obi-Wan was able to convince her to strike at Vader in part because of the children at risk. Reva has no desire to put other kids through the pain she endured, making her much more human than many of the other Imperials. With her past revealed, it's doubtful that she would've even hurt Leia in "Part IV" with the torture chair, let alone kill her. When Kenobi reaches out through the Force prior to their discussion, he can feel that angst and hesitation to hurt innocents. Reva's tough demeanor is all front.

The two haven't seen the last of each other. There's still unfinished business between Obi-Wan and Vader, and it now seems unlikely that Reva will interfere. But Obi-Wan felt a disturbance in the Force when she saw the transmission, and the final shots of the episode focusing on a sleeping Luke aren't indeliberate. The boy has been Kenobi's sole focus for a decade, and as the Jedi helps his sister, he's now left vulnerable.

Leaving Tatooine always presented inherent risks. Many were concerned that the choice to move Obi-Wan off-world would take away from the importance of watching over Luke, but the chain of events that stemmed from his rescuing Leia now puts the boy in the direct line of fire.

Obi-Wan will obviously survive his encounter with Vader. Leia will be returned to Alderaan safely. But if Reva is moving in for Luke, it will be a mad dash back to Tatooine for Kenobi to prevent more harm from being done to the Skywalker family. The series may wrap up with one final duel in the desert, not unlike Kenobi's confrontation with Maul in Rebels. As much as he feels for Reva and wants to help her, no one can come close to hurting Luke.

Reva's Hunt... In Season 2?

Reva Lightsaber
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Maybe the series doesn't culminate in a Tatooine showdown. Maybe it opens the door for one.

Several weeks ago, there was a report that a continuation of Obi-Wan Kenobi is now in the works. It was unclear if project would specifically be Season 2 or marketed under a different name, but it appears that Ewan McGregor's journey with the main character is far from over. Reva was the most important character introduced in the series, and an extension of the current story would likely feature her in some capacity.

Unless they want to get under people's skin, Lucasfilm won't be taking Obi-Wan off-world again. Leia's kidnapping was an exception and certainly shouldn't set a precedent. That means another six episodes would have to be spent entirely on Tatooine for Kenobi, excluding any potential flashbacks. If the present run ends with Reva's arrival on Tatooine, the primary focus of the installment in the narrative will be established.

Obi-Wan will have his work cut out for him. Owen won't be at all happy about an altercation on his farm, and Luke has no idea what's coming for him. And though things may come down to a duel, The Negotiator will try his best to talk Reva off the ledge first. She wouldn't seem to be bothered by hurting Obi-Wan in addition to Anakin, though steering clear of harming a child may be enough of a sticking point to deter her.

Regardless of when it plays out, Luke Skywalker is in grave danger. Reva Sevander is on a quest for revenge, and there's only one man in the galaxy who can stop her now.

The series finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi premieres Wednesday on Disney+.

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