New Obi-Wan Kenobi Easter Egg Reveals How Reva Fell to the Dark Side (Theory)

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The Star Wars franchise is thriving more than it has in years—the IP is at a peak. Currently, fans are enjoying Ewan McGregor’s return as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the newest Disney+ series. Not only does it see the return of the iconic Jedi, but he’s come face to face with his former Padawan, Darth Vader, for the first time since the events of Revenge of the Sith and encountered new foes like the Third Sister, Reva.

The project has long been anticipated by fans across the globe, and given critical reactions and fan discussion, it certainly isn’t a disappointment. In fact, it’s hard to believe that the show is already halfway over.

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for Episode 4 of Obi-Wan Kenobi

In the most recent episode, Kenobi was forced to take a visit to Fortress Inquisitorius to find Leia, a location first seen in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. While wandering the halls of the Empire’s top-secret facility, the former Jedi Knight stumbled into a big secret.

Might fans now know how Reva ended up an Inquisitor?

The Dark Side’s Amber

One of the biggest developments of the show’s fourth outing came when Obi-Wan was exploring the halls of Fortress Inquisitorius. After some adventuring, he stumbles across something horrific: a collection of Jedi.

It’s not clear if they are alive or dead. Some visuals suggest how they may have been suspended mid-action in a moment, leaving them forever frozen in time. An even darker outcome is that they are all lifeless corpses being preserved in a fancy underwater storage container.
While there were undoubtedly many easter eggs present as Obi-Wan glanced around the room, it was the younglings who caught the most attention. However, as sad as a potentially dead child is, it’s their identity that might be the most important.

That child is the same as one of the children seen in the opening of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s first episode during Order 66. Both Jonathan Ho and Oliver Ho are credited as Jedi Younglings for both appearances.

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With those official credits, it draws a direct connection to that flashback. So when will those events be properly explored?

It seems those moments were pivotal, more than audiences might realize. If Reva is, in fact, one of those younglings, those events will more than likely play out before the series comes to an end.

So what exactly happened there?

What Happened During Order 66?

Order 66 Flashback
Star Wars

There are a few possibilities as to what may have led to the younglings being captured or killed, including what is almost certainly a younger Reva. All of them, sadly, are dark.

One outcome could be that Reva was the only survivor of the group during Order 66. While she made it out, the bodies of her dead Jedi classmates could have been transported to Fortress Inquistiorius for storage.

It’s hard to believe Reva would have been evil right out of the gate, so it’s unlikely she had anything to do with the deaths of her friends. On top of that, the youngling also probably didn’t just give in to the new regime.

Somehow, the future Inquisitor was likely taken and inducted into the Empire, which no doubt included interrogation and torture until she broke—leading her into Vader’s arms and his new Jedi hunting initiative.

Another order of events is that all of those younglings survived the initial cleansing of Coruscant. Maybe the soon-to-be Empire captured them and tried to bend them to their ways.

There’d be plenty of resistance, which would have led to Reva’s friends being thrown into those amber pods one by one. If Moses Ingram’s character was the last one standing, her will would have been thin after seeing so many of her classmates broken; easy pickings for Lord Vader.

The Future of Reva

Fans are still wondering what exactly is Reva’s deal. Why is she so obsessed with Obi-Wan? Did he have something to do with how she became an Inquisitor or why her friends died?

What seems clear at this point is that the flashback scene during Order 66 was one of the biggest moments in Reva’s life and probably led her straight down the path she walks now. It’s hard to blame anyone in her line of work for being full of anger and rage; Obi-Wan’s going to have to be pretty elegant with his words when he comes face-to-face with her again.

While it is Kenobi’s show, it seems necessary for the series to explore what exactly led to Reva’s downfall to the Dark Side. Not only is it important for her as a character, but it plays well off of Obi-Wan’s general hopelessness and his regret for having failed Anakin.

While he can’t save Skywalker, maybe he’ll be able to help catch Reva and keep her from succumbing to the dark side permanently.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is now streaming on Disney+.

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