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The Nun 2's star-studded cast features returning characters and thrilling newcomers.

Following the terrifying end of the highly successful The Nun, its sequel is set four years later, revolving around Sister Irene's second clash with the demonic force known as Valak in France. 

The Nun 2 is the ninth installment in The Conjuring universe, directed by Michael Chaves and working off of a script written by Ian Goldberg, Richard Naing, and Akela Cooper.

Every Actor & Character in The Nun 2 

Taissa Farmiga - Sister Irene

Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene in The Nun 2
Taissa Farmiga

Returning to the world of The Conjuring and The Nun is Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene. After successfully escaping (not defeating) Valak in the first movie, the powerful demon returns to torment Irene in the sequel. 

As a nun, Sister Irene heads to a monastery in France to investigate a series of murders and hauntings, eventually learning that Valak makes a comeback. 

Taissa is the sister of Vera Farmiga, the actress who portrayed Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring films. The actress' other credits include American Horror Story and The Final Girls.

Jonas Bloquet - Maurice "Frenchie" Theriault

Jonas Bloquet as Maurice
Jonas Bloquet 

Another returning member from 2018's The Nun is Jonas Bloquet as Maurice. The character's comeback isn't surprising since the first movie's cliffhanger ending confirmed that he was possessed by Valak. 

In July 2023, The Nun 2 director Michael Chaves teased, via Entertainment Weekly, that Maurice's journey to France sets him on a "collision course" against Sister Irene: 

"Maurice made his way to France and he's working at this boarding school as kind of a handyman. He has a friendship and a flirtation with one of the teachers there, and you can see him starting to mature, so that's where our characters start out. But we know from the first film that there's something terrible inside of him, that Valak escaped within him, and events pull Irene back on this collision course with her old friend."

Bloquet is known for his roles as Jonas in Private Lessons, Vincent Leblanc in Elle, and Lucien in Netflix's 1899.

Storm Reid - Sister Debra

Storm Reid as Sister Debra
Storm Reid

Making her debut in The Conjuring Universe is Storm Reid. The actress portrays Sister Debra, a nun-in-training who gets caught up in Valak's return to torment Sister Irene. 

In the same interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Nun 2 director Michael Chavez pointed out that Reid's Sister Debra is currently "debating about whether she's going to take her vows" as a full-fledged nun: 

"She is a nun in training and she's debating about whether she's going to take her vows. She's at this pivotal point in her life, and she gets pulled along with Irene on this mission, on this journey, hunting down Maurice through these horrible events that happen."

Reid is known for her roles as Riley in HBO's The Last of Us, Meg in A Wrinkle in Time, Tyla DuBois in The Suicide Squad, and Gia in Euphoria.

Anna Popplewell - Kate

Anna Popplewell as Kate in The Nun 2
Anna Popplewell

Playing the role of a widowed mother and a French school teacher is Anna Popplewell as Kate. Similar to Sister Irene, Kate is also haunted by Valak. 

Popplewell has many memorable roles in the past, such as portraying Susan Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia movies, Lady Lola in Reign, and Anna Sackville-Bagg in The Little Vampire

Bonnie Aarons - Valak/The Nun

Bonnie Aarons as Valak
Bonnie Aarons

The Nun 2 wouldn't be complete without its titular demon who is portrayed on-screen by Bonnie Aarons. 

The actress is a staple of The Conjuring universe by portraying Valak in several movies, including The Nun, The Conjuring 2, and Annabelle: Creation.

Some of the film characters that Aarons portrayed in past movies include Baroness Joy von Troken in The Princess Diaries, Crackeado Bonnie in The Fighter, and The Bum in Mulholland Drive

Katelyn Rose Downey - Sophie

Katelyn Rose Downey as Sophie in The Nun 2
Katelyn Rose Downey

Katelyn Rose Downey plays Sophie, Kate's daughter who is also tormented by Valak and serves as Maurice's close friend.

The young actress had many memorable roles like her portrayal of Violet in Hulu's The Princess and Caitlin Mohan in Clean Sweep.

Suzanne Bertish - Madame Laurent

Suzanne Bertish
Suzanne Bertish

Madame Laurent, the strict head of an unnamed boarding school in France where Kate and Sophie reside, is portrayed by British actress Suzanne Bertish. 

The character mourns the death of her late child, Cedric.

Bertish is known for her roles in Sex Education, The Upside of Anger, and Toybox.

Léontine d’Oncieu - Simone

Léontine d’Oncieu's headshot
Léontine d’Oncieu

Léontine d’Oncieu plays a character named Simone, Sophie's bully in the French boarding school. 

The actress' past credits include Two Tickets to Greece and Balthazar

Anouk Darwin Homewood - Celeste

Anouk Darwin Homewood as Celeste
Anouk Darwin Homewood

Another student whom Valak haunts in the French boarding school is Anouk Darwin Homewood's Celeste. 

The French actress' other acting credit is Le Deluge.

Peter Hudson - Father Ridley

Peter Hudson
Peter Hudson

Peter Hudson plays a priest named Ridley in The Nun 2. The character is the one who informs Sister Irene about the importance of the relic that Valak is trying to find. 

Hudson is known for his roles as President Warnock in Lockout, Admiral George Buckley in Jackie, and Captain Crowford in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Tamar Baruch - Sister Amara

Tamar Baruch's headshot
Tamar Baruch

Sister Amara is played by Iranian-Tunisian actress Tamar Baruch. 

Baruch's past credits include playing Elodie in Years and Years, Bibi Agostini in Gangs of London, and Jaurès in Family Business

Natalia Safran - Sister Chloe

Natalie Safran's headshot
Natalie Safran

Natalia Safran portrays Sister Chloe, one of the nuns in Sister Irene's new coven.

The Polish actress is known for her roles in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Hours, and Aquaman

Maxime Elias-Menet - Jacques

Maxime Elias-Menet, Jacques
Maxime Elias-Menet

The boy who witnessed Father Noiret's death in The Nun 2's opening scene is portrayed by Maxime Elias-Menet. 

Outside of a handful of French movies and TV shows, this is Elias-Menet's first major American film.

Pascal Aubert - Father Noiret

Pascal Aubert
Pascal Aubert

Pascal Aubert plays Father Noiret, the priest who was murdered by Valak during the film's opening moments.

Aubert is known for his roles as Le Chef De Poste in District 13: Ultimatum and as one of the actors in Yamakasi

Kate Colebrook - Irene’s Mother/St. Lucy

Kate Colebrook
Kate Colebrook

Sister Irene's mother is played by Kate Colebrook. The character appeared via flashbacks. 

Colebrook is known for her role as Australian journalist Janine Dubois in Netflix's Emily in Paris.

Patrick Wilson - Ed Warren

Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren
Warner Bros.

Patrick Wilson's Ed Warren returns in The Nun 2's post-credits scene to tease what's next in The Conjuring franchise.

In his surprise appearance, Ed receives a call from Father Gordon (a character played by Steve Coulter) who informs him about a new case. While the scene doesn't include Father Gordon's dialogue, the concerning look between Ed and Lorraine at the end suggests that it has something to do with Valak. 

Some have theorized that the priest is asking for help with Maurice, meaning that Valak has once again taken possession of him. 

Vera Farmiga - Lorraine Warren

Vera Farmiga's Lorraine Warren
Warner Bros.

During The Nun 2's post-credits tag, Vera Farmiga's Lorraine Warren made a surprise return to set up the fourth Conjuring film, The Conjuring: Last Rites

Although the character only appeared in the background, Lorraine is poised to have a major role in her (potential) final clash against Valak in the next film. 

The Nun 2 is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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