Nikita Revival Prospects Addressed by Star Aaron Stanford (Exclusive)

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Aaron Stanford, who played Seymour Birkhoff on The CW show Nikita, addressed the possibility of a revival.

Nikita aired on September 9, 2010 and lasted four seasons. Its final episode debuted on December 27, 2013.

A lot went down during the big finale. Some of these big plot points should be familiar to those who watched the show: Nikita and Michael got married while staying in the game, Birkhoff exposed Shadownet to the public, and Alex seemed happy as an international ambassador.

Despite Nikita getting a proper ending, many fans still want to see more of those characters.

Would Aaron Stanford Be Up for a Nikita Revival?

Aaron Stanford in Nikita
The CW

While speaking exclusively with The Direct’s Russ Milheim about his newest film, Finestkind on Paramount+, star Aaron Stanford was asked if he would be interested in a potential Nikita revival down the line.

Stanford, who played Seymour Birkhoff on the former CW show, admitted he “certainly would absolutely think about it:”

“Man, I don't know. I mean… all this stuff is hypothetical. I certainly would absolutely think about it. I don't know how or in what like world that would happen... Nikita is really funny. Like, we live in a world of of reboots now. But Nikita is, you know, like a reboot of a reboot of a reboot... First of all, the original movie is just brilliant. It's fantastic.”

He then said that “if they figured out some way to bring Shadow Walker back to life,” then he “would certainly explore that:”

“And I think it was just so intriguing and so cool that people just endlessly see the potential for that and want to breathe new life into it. I mean, look, Birkhoff was a really fun character. I really enjoyed playing Shadow Walker. So yeah, if they figured out some way to breathe Shadow Walker back to life, I would certainly explore that. Yeah.”

The entire conversation can be seen below:

Will Nikita Get a Continuation?

While Nikita may have gotten to write itself an ending, as Aaron Stanford mentioned, it is a reboot in a long line of reboots.

It first began as a French film in 1990 called Nikita, which went on to get a Hong Kong remake titled Black Cat in 1991. From there, the American version was crafted in 1993, called Point of No Return.

Then, in 1997, USA Network aired a series called Le Femme Nikita, which lasted until 2001. This show would serve as a foundation for The CW’s reboot.

With how many reboots there have been, it's more likely a full reset would happen before Nikita got a proper continuation.

Continuing that story certainly wouldn't be impossible. While all the characters had a proper ending, most could easily be pulled back into the game—and some never left in the first place.

Fans can stream all four seasons of Nikita for free on Tubi.

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