Is Nicholas Galitzine Married With a Wife? His Girlfriend History Explained

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Nicholas Galitzine

Many fans wonder if Nicholas Galitzine is still single due to his rising popularity after starring alongside Anne Hathaway in Prime Video's The Idea of You

Galitzine, 29, made headlines in 2021 after he played the Prince Charming of Camila Cabello's titular character in Cinderella. The actor also earned the admiration of fans after playing Luke in the Sofia Carson-led Purple Hearts movie from Netflix in 2022.

Nicholas Galitzine's other notable credits include Red, White, & Royal Blue, Mary & George, and Bottoms.

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Is Nicholas Galitzine Married?

Nicholas Galitzine has been mum about his private life during press interviews, making it hard for his fans to unpack details about his dating history. 

In an interview with People in April 2024, Galitzine acknowledged the hardships of having a stable romantic relationship due to his celebrity status, noting that it "can be really difficult, really straining:"

"I am acutely aware that I am so lucky to do the job that I do, but it, like any job, has its pitfalls. The transience of the job, never really being in the same place at the same time as maybe family or relationships, can be really difficult, really straining."

The actor also said that it's important to have someone who can keep him "grounded and keep [his] energy up," potentially hinting that he may have his own inspiration outside the limelight: 

"It's why it's important to have people in your life who keep you grounded and keep your energy up, keep you going. It's also important to take breaks and have time to yourself as a human being as well."

Nicholas Galitzine's Instagram story from March 2024

While it is unknown if Galitzine has a girlfriend, the actor's Instagram story from March 2024 showed an image of him holding a woman's hand, sending fans into wild speculation.

Cameron Valentina Eyre
Cameron Valentina Eyre

Fans from Reddit and TikTok speculated that the woman from his Instagram story could be a model-dancer named Cameron Valentina Eyre. 

The theory was brought to light after fans pointed out that Valentina posted a now-deleted video on Instagram featuring a guy who appears to be Nicholas Galitzine. 

Valentina is not just an experienced dancer, but also a model who has worked with brands Samsung (with whom she starred in a Galaxy Z Flip5 Flip Phone commercial), Dreaming Eli, and Grace Ling. She's also been a musician of the five-member girl group called CuteBad for the past two years.

Given that his relationship with Valentina has yet to be made public, it's still uncertain if Galitzine is single or not. 

Nicholas Galitzine’s Dating History Explained

Nicholas Galitzine spoke with L'Officiel in October 2023 about the complexities of his dating life, pointing out that his job as an actor is "not conducive to nourishing relationships:"

“It’s definitely hard. I mean, my last couple of girlfriends, I feel like we’ve had to go our separate ways essentially because of the travel. And it’s difficult. I mean, people who also work in the industry get it, but the job is definitely not conducive to nourishing relationships."

The actor then said that he is someone "who makes the effort to connect," sharing that he always "takes the time" to care for someone even if he is traveling most of the time: 

"And even with my family, it’s really difficult for them to not be able to see me as much as they’d like, because I’m constantly in different countries. I think you find out who the people are that you are really connected with; I’m one of these people who makes the effort to connect. Even if I’m on the other side of the world, if I care about someone, I take the time.”

There were rumors in 2019 that Galitzine dated his Chambers co-star Lilly Kay (Madam Secretary, Your Honor), but neither of them confirmed if they were in a relationship. 

The London native was also linked to his Cinderella co-star Camila Cabello after fans shipped them both due to their undeniable chemistry in the 2021 Prime Video movie. 

The pair didn't confirm if they dated, but the rumors still spread like wildfire due to Galitzine's posts on Instagram about his sweet friendship with Cabello. The pair remained close after filming. 

One post from March 2022 (@nicholasgalitzine) even had a caption saying, "Luv you, [Camila Cabello]."

At this point, Galitzine's dating history remains a tough puzzle to solve.  

The Idea of You is now streaming on Prime Video.

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