My Demon Episode 11 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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My Demon Netflix two main characters

Episode 11 of Netflix's My Demon series will soon be released on the streaming platform along with the rest of the show.

South Korean romantic drama My Demon is currently airing on Netflix. It follows a supernatural demon who has lost his powers and is now connected to an heiress who may be able to help him.

My Demon has already released 10 episodes and taken a different release strategy than other Netflix TV shows, airing two episodes weekly on back-to-back days.

When Will My Demon Episode 11 Release?

My Demon episode 10 ending

Netflix officially confirmed the release schedule for the remaining episodes of its My Demon series.

Episode 11, the next episode to be released in the series, will debut on Netflix on Friday, January 5 and on SBS TV in South Korea on the same date at 10:00 p.m. KST.

After Episode 11 is released on January 5, Episode 12 will follow the next day on Saturday, January 6. Every other episode will come out each following week on Friday and Saturday.

Here is the full release schedule for the remaining episodes of My Demon, as confirmed by Netflix:

  • Episode 11: Friday, January 5
  • Episode 12: Saturday, January 6
  • Episode 13: Friday, January 12
  • Episode 14: Saturday, January 13
  • Episode 15: Friday, January 19
  • Episode 16: Saturday, January 20

What Will Happen in the Remaining Episodes of My Demon?

So far, My Demon has built the relationship of its two main characters, Kim Yoo-jung's Do-hee and Song Kang's Jeong Gu-won.

It was recently revealed in the show that, for Jeong Gu-won to get his powers back, Do-hee has to die.

However, Gu-won tries to make a deal with the deity that if he can get his powers back, Do-hee can live, and he is even prepared to die so that she can live.

After the night is over and the ritual is performed, both characters miraculously are alive.

The remaining episodes of the show will likely play on all that has happened in the show so far, and the relationship between Gu-won and Do-hee will most definitely strengthen.

My Demon Episodes 1-10 are available to stream on Netflix, and Episode 11 will air on Friday, January 5.

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