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Marvel fans are less than a week away from meeting another new MCU hero: Iman Vellani's Kamala Khan. The new Ms. Marvel series on Disney+ will follow the New Jersey-raised Pakistani-American as she ends up discovering superpowers of her own. The character is a more recent invention in Marvel comics history, but nonetheless, the excitement to see her debut is only growing by the day.

One of the biggest elements of Kamala Khan as a character is how she's a massive fan of superheroes. As Ms. Marvel's name would suggest, her favorite is more often than not Carol Danver's cosmic hero. Despite that, it seems plenty of other heroes will also receive some love from her.

At some point in the show, the character will be attending AvengersCon—seemingly dressed up as Captain Marvel. Now, some new clips from Ms. Marvel have been released, and one showcases an alternate costume for the trip: Hulk.

Ms. Marvel Clips Released

Two new clips from the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ series Ms. Marvel were released for fans to check out ahead of the show's debut on June 8.

The first showcases Kamala Khan's mother and father trying to share in their daughter's excitement for AvengerCon, while providing some stipulations to her attendance—including wearing a homemade Hulk costume.

Needless to say, it's safe to assume Kamala didn't give much thought towards doing this green alternative.

Ms. Marvel

Another clip shows Matt Lintz's Bruno Carrelli helping out his best friend, Iman Vellani's hero, as she figures out her newfound powers.

It would seem that Bruno doesn't go very long without knowing Kamala Khan's secret. Perhaps he's the first person she talks to about her new abilities?

Ms Marvel and Bruno


Poor Hulk Isn't the Favorite

To be fair to Kamala, most would likely be pretty embarrassed with their father hulking out in green makeup—not to mention becoming the Hulk doesn't really scream Kamala Khan. Previously seen footage seems to confirm that she ditches the Hulk suit to wear something more suitable: Captain Marvel cosplay.

That said, if the actress behind the hero was in charge, Kamala would be dressing up as the late Iron Man in a heartbeat. Though, the second clip does have the titular character referencing Asgardians; it's hard not to wonder if she'll be able to keep herself together when she learns about Jane Foster's God of Thunder.

After Iman Vellani's hero gets her debut adventure, she'll next be seen in The Marvels. Not only will her next outing be a film, but Kamala Khan will get to work side-by-side with her most favorite superhero of all time. Hopefully, the Disney+ series is able to do justice to how monumental Carol Danvers is to Ms. Marvel's identity. The better all of that is set up, the stronger the impact will be when the two cross paths for the first time.

Ms. Marvel hits Disney+ on June 8, while The Marvels hits July 28, 2023.

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