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Ms Marvel Spider-Man No Way Home

The government organizations that keep heroes under control have always been pivotal to the MCU - even back in Iron Man, Tony Stark was kept under a watchful eye. Nowadays, SHIELD is long gone and has since been replaced in its hero-monitoring capacity by groups like SWORD and Damage Control, both of which have featured in Phase 4.

Fans were first introduced to Damage Control in Spider-Man: Homecoming as they took over the Battle of New York clean-up duties from Adrian Toomes' Vulture. Just recently, Damage Control made a comeback in No Way Home as Arian Moayed's Agent Cleary took Peter Parker into custody to interrogate him about the death of Mysterio and the drone attack on London.

With the memory of him now erased from the world, Peter looks to be free of those charges, but that doesn't mean Cleary won't still be watching over other heroes. The Damage Control agent has already been confirmed to return in this month's Ms. Marvel Disney+ series, marking his second MCU appearance to date.

Ms. Marvel will soon introduce viewers to another young hero in Kamala Khan - a Pakistani-American high school girl who receives cosmic powers from a mysterious bangle. As Kamala begins her heroic journey, which will continue in The Marvels, Agent Cleary looks to have taken an interest in her based on a new trailer.

Ms. Marvel Reveals Spider-Man: No Way Home Return

Ms. Marvel's new "Connected" trailer offered several exciting new shots, including the return of Spider-Man: No Way Home's Agent Cleary - who was last seen interviewing Peter Parker and co.

The Damage Control agent can be seen with a colleague who shows him a picture and says she has "never seen powers like that."

Ms Marvel Agent Cleary
Marvel Studios

Cleary then suggests that they "bring her in," obviously referring to Kamala Khan.

Ms Marvel Agent Cleary
Marvel Studios

Kamala looks to be fantasizing from the backseat of a car as she stares into the New York City skyline.

Ms Marvel New York
Marvel Studios

A mural of a growing Ant-Man from the "Karachi x Avengers Series" can be seen by artist Saira Hussain. The caption pays homage to Adrian Alphona - the artist of Ms. Marvel's 2014 debut comic.

Ms Marvel Ant-Man Art
Marvel Studios

Khan refers to the source of her powers in the Disney+ series as she says: "I think I have this bangle for a reason."

Ms Marvel Bangle
Marvel Studios

Ms. Marvel uses her powers alongside Aramis Knight's Kareem, aka Red Dagger - a crime fighter with a romantic connection to Kamala.

Ms Marvel Red Dagger
Marvel Studios

Kamala can also be seen using her powers to form a shield in what looks to be her family home.

Ms Marvel Powers
Marvel Studios

The Pakistani-American hero is facing off against an unknown threat, who may be one of the villainous ClanDestines.

Ms Marvel Villain
Marvel Studios

The full "Connected" trailer can be seen below:


Damage Control Step Up Their Phase 4 Role

Arian Moayed's Agent Cleary certainly appears to be serving as the face of Damage Control in the MCU, and with two appearances in under a year, his role may just be getting started. Between Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man: No Way Home, Damage Control looks to have assumed SHIELD's former responsibilities of preventing heroic damage, as opposed to just clearing up their mess.

Cleary may well have a drastically different role to play in Ms. Marvel as opposed to No Way Home. In the case of Peter Parker, the Damage Control agent was interrogating a murder suspect, perhaps in this series, he will be more interested in understanding her powers and where they came from. Maybe Cleary will one day even grow into the next Agent Phil Coulson.

Set photos during production did reveal a peek into a SWAT team battle as well as the return of Tony Stark's EDITH drones from Far From Home - which were recently taken by Damage Control. With this knowledge in mind, it appears a combat-ready team has been sent to take in Kamala, and they may even be using the requisitioned drones to assist them.

Spider-Man: Homecoming and No Way Home actor Gary Weeks revealed to The Direct his interest in a Damage Control spin-off on Disney+. With the government organization now having three appearances under its belt, that dream has just moved one step closer. There's no telling for now whether Weeks will be back alongside Cleary in Ms. Marvel​​​​​.

Ms. Marvel will premiere on June 8, exclusively on Disney+.

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