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Ms. Marvel CGI Powers MCU

Since the first trailer for Ms. Marvel debuted in March, MCU fans have been quite vocal about the drastic change to Kamala Khan's powers, which are more cosmic than physical on the small screen. The show's creative team has explained why this change happened in order to tie Ms. Marvel to other cosmic storylines, although this hasn't calmed all worries about what Marvel Studios has in store.

While fans are already invested in Kamala's story as she makes her mark within the MCU, the topic of CGI has once again taken center stage as Marvel Studios moves further along into Phase 4. This continues to be the case with Ms. Marvel specifically, as fans made their voices heard on the show's use of CGI after the first episode debuted to the public.

MCU Fans Criticize Ms. Marvel's VFX

Ms. Marvel Powers

Warning - The rest of this article contains minor spoilers for Episode 1 of Ms. Marvel.

Following the debut of Ms. Marvel on Disney+, critiques regarding the CGI work in the series have flooded the internet.

@AussieRavenclaw called the CGI powers "awful" and didn't enjoy their origin, but she complimented how Marvel did so well with Kamala Khan's personality:

"The CGI powers REALLY look awful. And the origin of it is terrible. But I do dig Kamala doing theory videos and so many fan arts. They nailed her personality wise. Also who is supposed to be the ppl in the mid credits? SWORD?"

Ms. Marvel CGI
Marvel Studios

@mikayladoesstuff wasn't as rough with her criticism, saying that the "cgi was (definitely) rough)" but that the series could exceed her expectations as a whole:

"yk what. ms marvel was actually pretty good. cgi was def rough and you could tell, but i think its gonna be a lot better than i expected! having high hopes after the first ep !"

@cevansfalcon enjoyed the show, but she also chided Marvel Studios for not doing a better job on the CGI with the resources available:

"Ms. Marvel was enjoyable but wtf was that cgi Marvel Studios stop acting as if y’all didn’t have the resources for decent cgi"

@FloppingHardrn also had high praise for Ms. Marvel, but the CGI left him underwhelmed as he noted that "the powers look bad:"

"I actually liked Ms. Marvel

Only real complaint I have is that the powers look bad and the cgi isn’t great on them.

I loved everything else tho especially Kamala and the style like all the doodles."

@caupandan described the show's CGI as "abysmal," asking about what's happened to Marvel Studios as a whole:

"Ms. Marvel's CGI is abysmal. What happened to Marvel's CGI?"

Ms. Marvel CGI
Marvel Studios

While @Janatrix gave Episode 1 of Ms. Marvel nearly top marks, they took a point off for the CGI in the car scene from the first few minutes:

"Ms Marvel Episode 1 = 9/10 (The car scene CGI was way off lmao)"

@jonahwootentv posted a picture of Christian Bale's Gorr the God Butcher from Thor: Love and Thunder with a grimacing look on the villain's face, using it to share his thoughts on Ms. Marvel's CGI:

"That Ms. Marvel cgi"

Ms. Marvel CGI
Marvel Studios

@sunmoonmarslove actually enjoyed everything that came from Ms. Marvel, including its CGI work, while specifically noting how good Iman Vellani was in the leading role:

"Ms. Marvel Ep 1 is fantastic. Excellent pacing, funny, charming, great Visuals, CGI already looks amazing and complete and most definitely…Iman Vellani is perfectly cast. Cant wait for more"

@notinlor called Episode 1 "perfect" and "loved every single thing about it." They also praised Ms. Marvel's powers as "really really cool" and enjoyed the CGI work, giving the episode a near-perfect score:

"I just finished Ms MARVEL episode 1 and I have to say, it was perfect, loved every single thing about it. Her powers are actually really really cool, and the CGI isn't bad at all. 9.5/10 for episode 1, can't wait for the next episode"

Ms. Marvel CGI
Marvel Studios


Ms. Marvel Hits Almost Every Mark

The CGI in Marvel Studios projects has been a hot topic in recent months, specifically instances like the work done in Spider-Man: No Way Home and the footage seen in the first trailer for She-Hulk. The same is true now for Ms. Marvel, with complaints ranging from semi-frustrated to borderline angry as Kamala Khan explored her powers for the first time.

These complaints come on top of some unfortunate review bombing from certain sects of fans, although there are plenty of positives coming from Ms. Marvel. Iman Vellani's portrayal of the lead character is quickly winning fans over after the Marvel crew and cast members teased just how good she was in her first true acting appearance ever.

With five episodes remaining, fans will keep a close eye on what Marvel Studios does with the CGI in this new entry, although the hope is that it won't take away from the groundbreaking new story being told.

The first episode of Ms. Marvel is now available to stream on Disney+.

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