Moon Knight Filmed at Iconic Star Wars Episode 9 Location

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Star Wars, Moon Knight

Disney is in for a massive couple of months with new projects coming from both Star Wars and Marvel, with the next release being Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight at the end of March. This series is set to explore a new side of storytelling within the MCU, mixing intense action sequences with mythological plot lines. With plenty of exotic locations serving as its background, Moon Knight has the opportunity to add new sights and visuals to the MCU.

Most of the filming for the show took place in Budapest, Hungary, although there were no notable ties to the Black Widow story with how much impact the city had on Natasha Romanoff's life. Fans saw their first look at Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow here while Mark Ruffalo's presence in Budapest even put him at the center of rumors for an appearance as the Hulk.

Due to the Egyptian themes that will play a heavy role into Moon Knight, many are expecting to see some of that country's sandy landscapes as part of Marc Spector's superhero origin story. As it turns out, the recently released production brief for Moon Knight confirmed that this would be the case - with a classic Star Wars shooting location as well.

Marvel Uses Star Wars Locale for Moon Knight

Via a new Disney press release, Marvel Studios' Moon Knight revealed that the show shot in a location that was also used for Episode XI: The Rise of Skywalker from Star Wars.

Moon Knight Desert

The team took shooting to the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan, where star Oscar Isaac had shot scenes for his last Star Wars outing. The actor expressed his amazement at the opportunity to film material for both Star Wars and Marvel in that desert, also having worked on Denis Villeneuve's Dune in the same location in 2019

Star Wars Desert Scene

Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab expressed his joy for being able to shoot on location, giving him the ability to use as much realism and as little green screen as possible. 

The full production brief can be seen below:

"Production also shot scenes in the Jordanian desert, specifically Wadi Rum. Shooting there was like a return home for Oscar Isaac. 'If anyone would’ve told me in the span of four years I’d be going to do three different projects in the Wadi Run desert, I would’ve never believed them,' laughs the actor. 'But Star Wars, Dune, and now Moon Knight all shot in the same desert. They even still have the roads named after the Star Wars film that I did there, so it felt like a reunion to go back there and see some of the same people that I’d seen when I was there before. It’s a spiritual feeling to be out in that vastness. It reminds you of your place in the cosmos.' For director Mohamed Diab, shooting on location was a boon. 'I’m all for reality,' he says. 'I’m all for minimizing the green screen as much as possible, especially with a story that could be in the mind of someone.'"

Star Wars, Wadi Rum Desert

Star Wars' Desert Landscape Comes Through for Marvel

Locations can be crucial when filming major projects like those from Marvel or Star Wars, particularly when they're out of the film studio bubble. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is utilizing the real world's MIT while Eternals shot in practical locations as often as possible at the request of director Chloe Zhao.

Now, it appears that Moon Knight is taking that same route, with Marvel even confirming that it's taking a bit of inspiration from Star Wars. In Episode IX, this desert served as the background for the early stages of the movie when the First Order chased Rey, Poe Dameron, and Finn through the sands of Pasaana. 

While this desert proved useful for bringing the latest desert planet for Star Wars to life, the wait continues to see how it will be put to use for Marvel Studios' Moon Knight.

The show will likely take its plot to Egypt with the themes from that country's history playing a major role in Marc Spector's origin story. No matter how it plays out, it's clear that Disney's location-finding abilities remain nearly unrivaled as they find use for something used in the Star Wars saga.

Moon Knight will debut on Disney+ on March 30. Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is available to stream on Disney+.

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