Marvel Celebrates New MCU God, Khonshu, With Special Moon Knight Funko

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Moon Knight, Khonshu

Marvel Studios is now halfway through its first season of Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight, which took its deepest dive yet into the MCU’s take on ancient Egyptian mythology in its recent third episode. Focusing largely on the Moon God Khonshu and his dicey relationship with Egypt’s other Gods, Marc Spector learned just how little he knew about his Moon Knight situation as he embraced the wild adventure in front of him.

With Marvel's sixth Disney+ series now moving full steam ahead toward the second half of its season, Marc and Khonshu's relationship becomes even more of a driving force behind the plot, particularly after Episode 3. 

While Marc is unquestionably the focus of the Moon Knight series, as he should be, Khonshu's role is as important as anybody's in the leading character's path toward becoming a hero.

Now, to celebrate his place in the story, the Moon God has been immortalized in his own collectible figurine - thankfully, the collectible isn't made of stone.

Funko Embraces the Moon God Khonshu

Entertainment Earth released pre-orders for two new Funko Pops! depicting Khonshu and Layla from Marvel Studios' Moon Knight.

F. Murray Abraham's Khonshu is shown off in his full glory thanks to the newest Funko Pop!, which includes the bird-like skeleton head along with Khonshu's crescent moon staff.

The figure is listed at $11.99 USD and will release in August. Pre-order the new Khonshu Funko Pop! here.

Khonshu Funko Pop!

May Calamawy's Layla also gets her own figurine, perfectly encapsulating the actress' curly locks and putting her in black jeans and an orange top. She's also holding the Egyptian scarab that's been seen in each of Moon Knight's first three episodes.

This figure is also listed at $11.99 USD ahead of its August release. Pre-order the new Layla Funko Pop! here.

Layla Funko Pop!

The company's Twitter page later announced a special Khonshu Funko that glows in the dark, giving off a dark blue color. This one comes as a BoxLunch Exclusive, which will be available through various retailers.

Glow-in-the-dark Khonshu Funko Pop!


Funko Brings First God from Moon Knight

As is the case with every Marvel Studios property, Funko Pops! have helped add to Moon Knight's growing popularity as it makes its run on Disney+. Fans have already seen both Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke immortalized in plastic, and the company even showcased the full Moon Knight costume in two different figurines, one of them that glows in the dark.

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Episode 3 of Moon Knight.

With Khonshu's important role in watching out for Marc Spector and protecting him throughout the plot, it seems only right that the character gets the Funko treatment, especially after being featured so heavily in Episode 3. He'll remain a key player to look out for in the next couple of weeks as Marc tries to free Khonshu from his imprisonment and regain his powers as Moon Knight.

Where exactly the story goes with Marc and Khonshu is a mystery, although it seems clear that fans will get a new look into more mythological and supernatural elements adding to their partnership with each other. 

The first three episodes of Moon Knight are available to stream on Disney+.

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