Marvel Celebrates Moon Knight With New MCU Funkos & More

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Moon Knight Funkos

The Marvel Studios drought of 2022 is finally over—Moon Knight is here. The Oscar Isaac-led Disney+ series follows Steven Grant as he comes to discover he has dissociative identity disorder; oh, and he may or may not be blessed with ancient power thanks to an Egyptian Moon God. It’s complicated, no doubt.

The project has been receiving strong praise from both critics and fans alike. It would seem that Marvel Studios has yet another success on its hands.

The character represents a unique expansion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Isaac’s leading character will likely end up being a cornerstone of the MCU for years to come.

For those wanting to add memorabilia representing this newest hero to their collection, Marvel announced some new collectibles that might be of interest—yes, it includes Funkos.

New Moon Knight Merch

Marvel officially unveiled new merchandise for its latest Disney+ series, Moon Knight.

The selection of Funko Pops isn't large, but the first revealed is exactly who one would think: Marc Spector's Moon Knight. 

Moon Knight Funko

Pre-order the new Moon Knight Funko Pop! here.

Alongside the Funko will be a miniature keychain version of the same figure.

Moon Knight, Marvel, Funko

Pre-order the new Moon Knight Funko Pop! keychain here.

There is also the Hot Topic exclusive version of the same Funko Pop! mold, but this time, it's glow-in-the-dark.

Moon Knight, Funko, Keychain

Up next is the Marvel Legends figure of Oscar Isaac's hero, which comes with separate hands to have the Fist of Khonshu holding his signature weapons. Fans can pick this up starting on Tuesday, April 12.

Moon Knight, Funko, Keychain

Last but certainly not least is the Hot Toys figure depicting Marc Spector's iconic duds.
Hot Toys

The 1/6th scale collectible will also come with his crescent darts.

Moon Knight, MCU, Marc Spector
Hot Toys

For those wanting the most accurate representation of the Fist of Khonshu in their collection, then this is certainly the figure to go for.

Moon Knight, MCU, Marc Spector
Hot Toys


Celebrating Moon Knight

Collecting for Marvel Studios fans can sometimes feel like a chore. After all, there’s an endless list of collectibles to keep up with for dozens of characters and projects.

However, most of the time, it’s a thrill—especially when keeping up with something as fantastic as Moon Knight. Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait too long before they can add these items to their shelves.

Even though Moon Knight is the latest MCU project on screens, fans are still waiting for releases and announcements for previous projects. For example, Hawkeye never got a Hot Toy announced for either Kate Bishop or Clint Barton; a glaring omission seeing as Infinity Ultron got his own, somehow.

Then there’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. While both Doc Ock and Green Goblin have had 1/6th scale collectibles announced, their Funko counterparts remain in the void, alongside all of the other villains and Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

Of course, one would imagine all of these various merchandising companies have quite a backlog of products to get around to making.

Moon Knight streams weekly every Wednesday, exclusively on Disney+.

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