Moana's New Disney+ Show Gets Exciting Update (Official)

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Disney just hinted at the progress of its Moana spin-off series coming to Disney+.

Before the House of Mouse unveiled plans for a live-action remake of 2016's Moana, Disney was developing an animated spin-off series for its streamer.

But in the years since its 2020 announcement, Disney has seemingly guarded any information about the show like the Heart of Te Fiti; but now, Moana fans finally have a new update from Walt Disney Animation Studios. 

Disney Offers Update on Moana Disney+ Spin-off

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In talking with eCartelera, Jennifer Lee, Walt Disney Animation Studios' chief creative officer, updated fans about the previously announced Moana Disney+ series saying, "It's been a lot of fun, I love it:"

"I love that Disney+ allows us to introduce experimentation and freshness while also exploring our legacy. Combining celebration and narrative innovation. In that sense we can play more with the Disney+ series. We’re doing the 'Moana' series and it’s been a lot of fun, I love it....”

Originally set to premiere in 2023, the Disney+ show was expected to serve as a sequel as well as a musical series.

In January 2022, Disney confirmed the show was still in the works under director David G. Derrick Jr. and currently has a 2024 release date.

In regard to continuing Disney animated tales like Moana, Lee explained that there's "a balance between the sequels and the original content," while also teasing that "more Frozen and more Zootopia" is on the way as well:

“For me, it is also recognizing that there is no turning back, only moving forward stronger and stronger. How technology has allowed us to maintain the importance of traditional animation through the artists is what excites me the most. There is a balance between the sequels and the original content. There are more ‘Frozen’ and more ' Zootopia’ on the way because they invite their stories to grow, the filmmakers want to expand them.”

How Far Will Moana Go?

While the return of Disney CEO Bob Iger reshuffled many of Disney's plans across the board, the company has shown a growing interest in reinvesting and expanding popular, preexisting IP. 

Among franchises like Toy Story, Zootopia, and Frozen is Moana, which isn't only evidenced by its upcoming Disney+ series, but also its live-action remake and upcoming Moana Disney Park attractions and additions. 

Since Jennifer Lee's comment projects both confidence and progress - and because it's still expected to debut next year - Walt Disney Animation may have more to share about the show in the coming weeks. 

Disney's Moana Disney+ series is expected to premiere in 2024.

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