Who Is Mateusz Janicki? 5 Things to Know About No Pressure Actor

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Mateusz Janicki in No Pressure

Netflix fans are falling in love with Mateusz Janicki's memorable performance in No Pressure

No Pressure chronicles the unusual love story of a chef named Olivia who returns to her hometown, and a farmer named Kuba.

Janicki brings Kuba to life in the film, and many have praised him for his charismatic performance. 

5 Things to Know about Mateusz Janicki

Mateusz Janicki in No Pressure

Mateusz Is a Human Rights Advocate

Mateusz Janicki, born on November 26, 1983, is a known human rights advocate in Poland. 

Speaking with Swiat Gwiazd in December 2022, Janicki talked about the state of his home country and how certain provisions affect human rights.

The Kraków, Poland native said that he wants his home country "to be ruled by courage, not fear." 

Janicki also criticized the introduction of a state of emergency zone in the Eastern European nation, noting that it was "illegal" and violated human rights. 

In a post on Instagram (@mateuszjanicki), the actor passionately pointed out that the situation over the border is getting worse, explaining that an injured man was spotted in the emergency zone: 

"Sometime ago they wrote to me 'not to quickly assess the new government, to give them time... they have a lot on their minds.' Well, it's been three months and the power of KO and Prime Minister Tusk at the border looks exactly the same as that of PiS. And by the way, the whole coalition is responsible for this. Human rights and rule of law for the chosen...... A person from the Border Group met a man in the forest in a bad mental and physical condition armed by the army and SG, with sticks in hand. No one helped him, and he ended up in the hospital. It was only established that he was originally from Afghanistan. He was probably driven over the fence."

Mateusz Started a Career in Theatre

Mateusz Janicki graduated from the State Higher Theatre School in Kraków, Malopolskie, Poland in 2006. His passion for acting led him to start a career in theatre. 

Janiciki made his stellar debut in Mistrz I Małgorzata in 2014 under the mentorship of Krystian Lupa. The actor has been a mainstay of Łaźnia Nowa Theatre in Kraków, Teatr Nowy Theatre in Łódź (2011-2016), and Słowacki Theatre in Kraków (2019). 

Some of his theatre acting credits include performing in plays helmed by various theater directors like Piotr Bikont, Wojtek Klemm, and Wiktor Rubin.

Mateusz Has Been In a LOT of Polish TV Shows

Aside from theatre and before starring in No Pressure, Mateusz Janicki is a veteran on-screen actor, with him having over 60 credits to his name. 

Janicki starred in over 100 episodes in Polish shows like Singielka (as Tomasz Gorski) and Na dobre i na zle (Dr. Michal Wilczewksi)

The actor also had memorable credits as Pawel Krzyzanowski in Pierwsza Milosc, Radek Kosik in Strazacy, and Szymon Gierzewski in Matka.

Mateusz's Athletic Background

Mateusz Janicki is an avid fan of skiing ever since he was a kid. The actor became a licensed skiing instructor when he was 16 years old. 

Janicki is also a current trainer and member of the governing board of the Yeti Sports Club in Kraków.

Aside from skiing, he is also active in other hobbies. Janicki has been a licensed sailor for 14 years and has engaged himself in horsemanship, windsurfing, and wakeboarding.

Janicki is also working towards getting a motorcycle license.

Mateusz Fights for His Social Beliefs

Mateusz Janicki has been active in several social activities for Poland through the years. 

Janicki proudly supports the “Kampania Przeciw Homofobii” (aka the Community Action Against Homophobia) movement since 2017. 

He is also part of the Krzysiek Pomaga Pomagać, a movement initially aimed to assist one of the Yeti Sport Club members, Krzyśiek Graczyk, in his recovery from apoplexy. 

After Krzyśiek's recovery, the movement continues by organizing skiing competitions, concerts, and auctions every year to collect funds and help those who are in need.

Janicki also engaged himself in the Poland Business Run, a series of charity races.

How To Follow Mateusz Janicki Online

For more updates about Mateusz Janicki, fans can follow him on Instagram )(@mateuszjanicki). 

No Pressure is now streaming on Netflix.

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