Disney Plus' Marvel Zombies Show Gets Exciting Production Update from Star (Exclusive)

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The Marvels star Iman Vellani commented on her time recording as Kamala Khan for the upcoming animated series Marvel Zombies.

The spinoff of What If…?’s fifth episode was first announced back in November 2021. The project will not only be one of Marvel Studios' first few MA-TV/R-Rated projects, but it’ll also debut with a notably low episode count: four episodes for its first season.

The show promises to expand upon what audiences saw in What If…? with many classic and new heroes joining the mix. This will include zombified versions of Captain America, Carol Danvers, Ikaris, and the Abomination.

Among the living will be MCU newbies Yelena Belova, Shang-Chi, Kate Bishop, Kamala Khan herself, and many more.

Iman Vellani on Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombies

In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, The Marvels and Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani spoke about her time recording lines as Kamala Khan for the upcoming animated Disney+ series Marvel Zombies.

When asked about her time working on the show, Vellani confirmed that she has completed voice work for the undead series while revealing that Kamala will be one of the main characters as "kind of the center of the show:"

“We’ve done the whole thing. It was amazing. It was so much fun. And I love—there are a lot of cool characters in the 'Marvel Zombies' show. And Kamala is kind of the center of the show. They described it to me, it's like, 'She's basically the Frodo of the story.' And I was like, 'That's amazing.'”

The star went on to tease that Kamala “is going to interact with some really cool people:”

“And I get to interact and meet all these people along her journey. And, yes, they're only the voices, and I don't get to hear their voices in real-time. But just, it's my fantasies, right? Like, knowing Kamala is going to interact with some really cool people, even if it's just animation, is so special in a lot of ways.”

The full interview with Iman Vellani can be seen below:

What Will Marvel Zombies Have in Store

For those wondering if the animated spin-off show will continue from where the cliffhanger of What If…? left things, it doesn't seem like that’ll be the case. A listing on Marvel’s website suggests it is its own thing which follows “a new generation of heroes.”

To hear that Kamala’s Ms. Marvel will be a key part of the story is fantastic, as she is the perfect pick for the role. Each and every interaction will undoubtedly be a blast, in large part thanks to what Iman Vellani brings to the character.

Fans will be excited to see her and Kate Bishop spend more time together and even meet other newcomers like Shang-Chi and Yelena. It’ll undoubtedly be heartbreaking for Kamala to see Captain Marvel as a zombie—but would this hypothetical timeline be before or after The Marvels?

While the specific plot of the show remains a mystery, at the very least, fans still have a while to wait.

Previous rumors suggested it would be sometime in 2024—but since then, so much has changed behind the scenes at Marvel Studios that it wouldn’t be surprising for it to be pushed into 2025.

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