Marvel Celebrates MCU's Thanos With New Infinity Stones-Inspired Funko Pop

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Funko Pops have been a staple for the promotion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years. These vinyl figures are known to be movie-accurate in terms of character designs, and sometimes, they also depict several iconic moments from the MCU in Funko form. 

It has been a tradition for every MCU entry to have its own set of Funko Pops to showcase the main heroes and villains of the film. The tradition carried over into the mega superhero franchise's post-Infinity Saga chapter, as evidenced by the emergence of figures depicting characters from Eternals and the What If...? animated series

Despite the fact that the MCU is moving on to new stories and characters, many would agree that the Infinity Saga is still worth remembering. This is due to the fact that this chapter is filled with numerous iconic and memorable moments that will forever be cemented in the lives of any Marvel fan. 

Now, in celebration of the Infinity Saga, a brand-new collection of Funkos has arrived.  


Entertainment Earth officially revealed a new Thanos Art Series Funko Pop!, showcasing Josh Brolin's Mad Titan with a color palette inspired by the MCU's Infinity Stones.


The Funko also features a unique sculpt and an Infinity Gauntlet-inspired base, and it also comes packaged in a hard Pop! protector case.

Thanos Funko Pop

The pictured Funko can be pre-ordered using the link below:

As part of the Infinity Saga Funko line, the original six members of the Avengers also received their respective vinyl figures.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man channels the Mind Stone in this official Funko vinyl figure.

Iron Man

Chris Evans' Captain America is imbued with the colors of the Space Stone in this latest Funko figure. 

Captain America Funko Pop

 The pictured Funko can be pre-ordered using the link below:

Chris Hemsworth's Thor resembles the Power Stone while holding the Stormbreaker in this official figure.


Mark Ruffalo's Hulk channels the Time Stone in this official MCU vinyl figure. 


Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff is infused with the colors of the Reality Stone in this official vinyl figure.

Black Widow

Lastly, Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton vinyl figure is inspired by the colors of the Soul Stone.



The Infinity Saga might have already ended, but it's clear that this chapter of the MCU will be celebrated in any form possible.

In a way, this latest line of Funko Pops! is a fitting reminder of the success of the MCU's first massive chapter. It's no surprise that the Avengers and Thanos are at the center of the Infinity Saga's promotion, considering the fact that a good chunk of the iconic moments featured Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Mad Titan. It is also wise for Funko to lean on the Infinity Stones since these MacGuffins were crucial to the franchise's storytelling.  

Aside from the movie-accurate designs, the added gimmick of incorporating the colors of the Infinity Stones into the Funko Pops! should serve as an interesting addition to any toy collector or even a casual Marvel fan. 

It remains to be seen if Funko or Marvel will release another batch of Infinity Saga vinyl figures down the line, but if this will be the last for now, many would agree that these collectibles are a proper celebration of the MCU's successful chapter.   

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