Marvel Studios Just Unveiled a Historic New Superhero for the MCU (Video)

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What If...?

After being accidentally announced in March through Funko merch, fans were finally given their first look at Kahhori (a brand-new MCU original superhero) in the What If...? Season 2 trailer.

What If...? will officially be back on Disney+ for Season 2 beginning on December 22, and the series has already begun marketing by releasing an official trailer that featured everything from Scarlet Witch to the return of Thanos.

However, the released footage also showcased Kahhori, who will be debuting in the upcoming season of What If...?, and many fans are wondering exactly what can be expected from the new superhero.

Marvel Studios' New Superhero in What If...?

Kahhori in What If...? Season 2
Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios officially released the first trailer for What If...? Season 2, and even though it teased a lot of different elements of the upcoming installment, it put a lot of focus on Kahhori, who will historically be the MCU's first original superhero.

Kahhori and Captain Carter in What If...? Season 2
Marvel Studios

Kahhori was spotlighted many times throughout the Season 2 trailer, and at one point was even shown alongside Captain Carter as the pair confronted Thanos.

Kahhori in What If...? Season 2
Marvel Studios

It is important to note that Kahhori is Mohawk and that her heritage will play a big role in bringing her to life. 

The trailer did a good job of showcasing this, especially by focusing on the Native American paint on her face and teasing that it will glow when she uses her powers.

Kahhori in What If...? Season 2
Marvel Studios

It is unclear exactly how many episodes of What If...? Season 2 Kahhori will be in, but based on the released footage, fans can at least expect to see one that is completely devoted to her character and origin story.

Kahhori in What If...? Season 2
Marvel Studios

One moment from the trailer that teased how she will get her powers showcased Kahhori sinking in water before being sucked into a blue source of light.

Check out What If...? Season 2's trailer below, with most of Kahhori's scenes appearing between the 1:35 and 1:47 marks:

Kahhori's involvement in Season 2 creates an interesting situation for Marvel Studios seeing as how future projects can do anything they want with her since she is an original superhero who has never been featured in anything else.

It is also important to note that Kahhori's creation came from Marvel Studios working closely with historians and members of the Mohawk people so that the character can properly represent that group of people.

Historian Doug George previously talked about the episode that will center around Kahhori, teasing that it will contain "breathtaking action," characters that are "fully realized," and "a new, challenging, and entertaining perspective on this land's first peoples:"

"It tells a remarkable story from a Native-Mohawk perspective which is truly unique and historical, and will give the viewers a new, challenging and entertaining perspective on this land's first peoples. The story is dramatic, the characters fully realized, and the action sequences are breathtaking. The episode is exceptional in another sense--it is done with the complete cooperation of the Mohawk people from dialogue to adornment."

Where Will Marvel Studios Go With Kahhori?

Seeing as how Kahhori will be Marvel Studios' first-ever original hero likely means that What If...? will not be the only project she will appear in.

Since Marvel Studios collaborated with other Mohawks and crafted Kahhori with so much care, it seems almost inevitable that she will become a major player in the MCU going forward.

Despite What If...? being animated, since the Multiverse is currently the focus of the franchise, it has never been easier for a character like Kahhori to be pulled into live-action.

If she is as powerful as the trailer is building her up to be, then she will be a more-than-welcome ally to the rest of the MCU's heroes.

Many fans are also wondering now if Marvel Studios will create more original characters. 

While it is impossible to predict if it will or not, if fans connect with Kahhori and express a lot of interest in seeing her again in the future, then there is no reason for Marvel Studios not to create more heroes, especially later when some of the established superheroes are gone.

Fans can see Kahhori in Season 2 of What If...?, which will begin streaming on December 22 on Disney+.

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