Marvel Studios' Newest Superhero Just Got Accidentally Unveiled Early

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Marvel Avengers

Marvel Studios is seemingly set to introduce a new original superhero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The MCU heavily draws from the world of Marvel Comics, adapting an endless number of characters, though they have never been averse to adding original heroes into the mix (i.e. Darcy Lewis, Ant-Man's Luis, and Agent Coulson).

This hasn't necessarily been the case in What If...? so far though, which riffs on fan-favorite heroes and villains already established within the franchise. Season 2 is already set to bring at least 25 MCU characters into the show, from the likes of Shang-Chi, Red Guardian, and more.

With the promise of a second season being "wackier" than what's come before, a newly revealed character for the show is teasing just that. 

A New MCU Hero Seemingly Revealed

New merchandise has seemingly unveiled a brand-new, never-before-seen Marvel Studios superhero from What If...? Season 2.

The character's name is Kahhori and is a part of Funko's collectible Soda by Funko line hitting Wal-Mart shelves.

Marvel Studios has yet to officially announce the MCU arrival of Kahhori, who has no origins in Marvel Comics.

She looks to be a Native American, sporting traditional face paint, woven clothing, and feathers in her hair. 

As indicated by the logo on the side of the can, Kahhori will seemingly be introduced in an upcoming installment of What If...?, currently set to premiere this year.

With What If...? Season 2 having been delayed from last year, merchandise like this could be a positive sign that the series could debut relatively soon, especially if a 2023 release date is still on the cards.

The show's second season was notably absent from a Disney+ teaser promoting early 2023 releases on the streamer, leading some to wonder whether the show would miss this release window, particularly amid many other MCU series getting delays. Hopefully, this merch indicates that the show could return sooner than later.

Who Is This Mystery Marvel Hero, Kahhori?

Usually, when a new hero comes to the MCU, there is some basis for who they are going to be on-screen, as they are coming from the world of Marvel Comics. However, this hero is wholly original, so the usual veil of mystery of what this character is going to look/act like on-screen is amplified even further. 

Given the seeming Native American routes, it's possible that this character has links to Echo. Cox's Echo is part Native American (from the Cheyenne tribe), so Kahhori feels as though she would be a natural fit. 

But What If...? Season 2 wouldn't be so quick to focus an episode on a yet-to-be-released series, particularly with the show quite a while away from its debut, right?

Perhaps this could be a hero set to appear in the 1602-focused episode of the season. Kahhori could be a superhero linked to Maya Lopez in some fashion, existing well before Echo. A similar Soda by Funko figure of Peggy Carter could also be from this episode, lending more credence to this possibility.

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