Marvel Studios' New Harry Osborn Actor Just Got Announced

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Harry Osborn, Spider-Man

The actor for Harry Osborn in Spider-Man: Freshman Year just got confirmed.

The MCU's highly anticipated Spider-Man animated series was first announced in November of 2021. While the details behind its continuity were needlessly confusing at first, Marvel Studios eventually confirmed that the show would basically act as an elongated episode of What If...?, exploring a world where Norman Osborn was Peter's mentor instead of Tony Stark.

The show's cast of characters is interesting, to say the least. The first ten episodes will introduce the likes of Amadeus Cho, Nico Minuro, Doctor StrangeDaredevil, Rhino, Scorpion, and more.

Among the show's unique cast of characters is a fresh take on Norman Osborn's son, Harry Osborn. While he's never shown up in Tom Holland's Spidey's story in the prime MCU universe, Freshman Year will tell Peter's story as if he was always involved.

Harry Osborn Gets a Voice Actor

Thanks to an official Copyright listing, fans learned who will be voicing Harry Osborn in the upcoming animated Spider-Man: Freshman Year series.

Actor Zeno Robinson will be the man offering up his voice talents to the show. Previously, the actor voiced roles in Big City Greens, Harley Quinn, Transformers: Earthspark, and more. 

Robinson will be joining Hudson Thames, who is confirmed to be returning as the voice of Peter Parker for the series. Previously, Thames played the role in What If...?.

Harry Osborn, Spider-Man: Freshman Year,  Zeno Robinson
Zeno Robinson

Freshman Year's version of Harry Osborn will be much different than what fans know from previous incarnations. While the character has been race-swapped, more notably, it seems he will be akin to the high school jock type.

Harry Osborn, Spider-Man: Freshman Year,  Zeno Robinson

Harry's father, Norman Osborn, will be different as well—though he'll maintain that classic hairstyle his comics counterpart is known for.

Harry Osborn, Spider-Man: Freshman Year,  Zeno Robinson

One Day Spider-Man: Freshman Year Will Arrive

As exciting as this news is, fans are still patiently waiting to see when the show will actually be released for the world to see.

For a while, some were worried the series was going to be canceled. Thankfully, head writer Jeff Trammel recently confirmed it will still see the light of day, and he was "excited for the world to see it."

While there's still no release date for Freshman Year, it is expected to land on Disney+ in 2024.

This animated show will be the first time Marvel Studios explores Harry Osborn in any fashion, as Peter Parker's classic best friend still hasn't shown up in live action in the MCU.

Perhaps that could change for Spider-Man 4, and maybe he'll even end up looking similar to Zeno Robinson's version.

While audiences wait for his MCU appearance to materialize, fans can look forward to Insomniac's PS5 game Spider-Man 2 if they want to see more of Harry and Pete's friendship. The project's storyline has a heavy focus on Norman Osborn's son, who might even be the one who becomes Venom in that universe.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year is expected to be released on Disney+ in 2024.

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