Disney+'s New Spider-Man Show Gets Official Update Amid Cancellation Worries

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Audiences have gone quite a while without a substantial update on Spider-Man: Freshman Year, but the Disney+ series‘ executive producer gave new word on its status.

Announced in 2021, Spider-Man: Freshman Year is one Marvel Studios animated project that fans don’t know a lot about. Although initially assumed by many to be set in the MCU, filling in gaps from Peter Parker’s story, the first concept art for the series quickly quashed those notions as it revealed a much more comic book-inspired take

The fact remains, though, that after bringing details on Freshman Year at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Marvel has maintained radio silence on the show’s airdate, leaving some worried that it had been unceremoniously canceled, especially as Disney's top brass have signaled studio cutbacks.

Spider-Man Producer Clues In Fans on Show’s Status

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Jeff Trammel, who served as head writer and executive producer on the Spider-Man: Freshman Year animated series for Disney+ took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter to reassure that the show was still coming, remarking that he’s “excited for the world to see it:”

“Nothing that I can share yet, just that I'm eager for everyone to see the show. Our crew worked (and is still working) hard to make 'Freshman Year' feel special, fun and unique and I'm excited for the world to see it!”

Recently, Disney CEO Bob Iger discussed cutting back on producing content for Disney+. This statement, coupled with the streamer purging several titles from its platform (some recent), sparked worry of cancellation for the Spider-Man series in quite a few fans.

Previously, an announcement was made by Japan-based animation studio Polygon Pictures, acknowledging that they would work on Freshman Year, but Jeff Trammel’s post is the first direct confirmation from a key staff member in several months that the show was still in development.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year Will Swing in Soon Enough

Even though Freshman Year was first officially announced for development almost two years ago, it should arrive in front of the eyes of Disney+ subscribers fairly soon. As Trammel indicated, the series is still being worked on to ensure that it’s the best Spidey adventure that it can be.

Story-wise, little is known about this show, but it does take its visual design cues from the Silver Age Spider-Man comics, with a modernized flair, of course. Freshman Year will also incorporate the likes of other superheroes, including Doctor Strange and Daredevil, with the art shown for Strange particularly oozing with classic Marvel Comics goodness.

Some have even speculated that the cartoon will represent a multiversal Variant of Peter Parker, one who follows the path of the MCU's Peter up to a point, but also one who exists in a much more comic book-like environment than his live-action counterpart.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year does not presently have a confimed release date.

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