Ex-Marvel Studios Designer Unveils Infinity Stone-Wielding Doctor Doom Concept Art

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Doctor Doom and Infinity Gauntlet

It's only a matter of time before the eventual debut of Doctor Doom to the Marvel Cinematic Universe now that the Disney-Fox merger has been finalized for over a year. The past live-action iterations of the character had their fair shares of up and downs over the years, with some even saying that the villain didn't live up to the hype . Despite that, it's a safe bet that Marvel Studios will properly integrate the iconic villain to the larger MCU.

Plenty remains unknown about Doctor Doom's arrival to the monumental franchise, but there has been much speculation from fans. A previous rumor indicated that Latveria may potentially be featured in WandaVision , which could lay the groundwork of the villain's backstory. In addition, there's also a chance that Doom could be the next big villain that the new crop of Avengers will face in the near future.

While there is no official word yet on the villain's future role in the MCU, an intriguing re-imagining of the character from one of Marvel Studios' very own has surfaced online.


Charlie Wen, former Co-Head of Marvel Studios' Visual Development, has shared a concept art of Doctor Doom wearing the Infinity Gauntlet while holding one of the Infinity Stones. Wen accompanied the image with a caption saying, "just wanted to throw out a fun “what if:"

The concept art shared by Wen suggests a huge missed opportunity for Marvel Studios, but many would agree that it's for the best. If Doctor Doom debuted during the Infinity Saga, there's a good chance that the villain will be pitted against Thanos in some fashion. Victor Von Doom's thirst for power should lead him to the pursuit of the aforementioned Infinity Stones, but there's also a chance that he could take the spotlight away from the Mad Titan.

The inevitable introduction of Doom during the next wave of MCU films offers a chance for the franchise to explore unique storylines for the villain. In a way, this could further elevate the character to the same degree of his comic counterpart while also making him a prominent part of the long-spanning narrative.

Still, the idea of Doom wearing the Infinity Gauntlet provides a fascinating look for the character while also staying true to the comics. The MCU iteration of Doom is one of the most anticipated reveals for the franchise, and this concept art could give fans an idea of what the villain could potentially look like.

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