Sebastian Stan's Bucky & Anthony Mackie's Falcon Receive Surprise-Release Episodes of Marvel Legends

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Marvel Studios: Legends logo, Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes

WandaVision has already reached its endpoint, meaning that another Disney+ show in the form of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be pushed to the forefront. Set to debut on March 19 on the streamer , the series will follow the post- Endgame lives of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes as they both try to adjust after being victims of The Blip from Thanos.

On top of that, the show will also see the pair teaming up to face the returning Baron Zemo while also tackling the legacy of the Captain America legacy along the way. As it is, the plot of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is stacked, but there is a high likelihood that the long-form storytelling strategy of Marvel Studios will essentially balance all these plot points effectively.

As viewers prepare to shift from a sitcom-inspired MCU show like WandaVision to an action-packed globetrotting adventure in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , Disney has released two new episodes a little earlier than usual to tide them over while they wait.


Disney+ officially released two new episodes for Marvel Studios: Legends , featuring the summary of the heroic journey of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes from the Infinity Saga.

The preview from the streaming service can be seen below.


According to a previous tweet seen below from the official Disney+ account, the Legends episodes in anticipation for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were supposed to be released on March 12. The arrival of these Falcon and Winter Soldier-focused episodes on the day of the WandaVision finale was a surprise to many fans.


Marvel Studios: Legends was created in order to remind fans of how characters from the upcoming MCU shows have evolved through the years, and this latest batch of episodes should serve as a helpful way to refresh everyone about the motivations of the heroes. The arrival of the episodes might be surprising for some, but it makes sense considering the fact that other installments will also focus on Emily VanCamp's Sharon Carter and Daniel Bruhl's Baron Zemo.

In many ways, the recap aspect of Legends is an essential tool for viewers, especially after the MCU's hiatus in 2020. By showcasing a compelling summary of the character's journeys, it will give everyone a chance to recollect how these heroes came to be, and it also adds more hype for the upcoming debut of the series.

From the character's introduction in Captain America: The Winter Soldier , Sam Wilson quickly became a major part of the MCU as Falcon, and his role will only grow due to his new responsibility as the world's next Star-Spangled Hero. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has the potential to change Sam in a multitude of ways, and this summary from Legends will help fans understand the character's transformation as Cap when it happens within the main story of the series.

Meanwhile, Bucky Barnes has gone through a lot of trauma and manipulation throughout the Infinity Saga, and the character's renewed shot in redemption will be explored in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . This primer from Legends should serve as some sort of closure for the former assassin's dark past, and an exciting new chapter lies ahead for the character in the upcoming series.

All in all, the focus of Marvel Studios (and MCU fans) right now is towards The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , and Legends should drum up excitement for the pair's small-screen debut this month.

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March 19, 2021
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