Marvel Confirms Nick Fury's Unsurprising New Job Title In MCU Phase 5

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Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Marvel Studios logo

A new role within the MCU for Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in The Marvels has just been confirmed.

Nick Fury managed to make his way through the perils of a Secret Invasion and now stands poised to return to the big screen in the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel.

While Fury has been largely acting underground since the fall of SHIELD in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he certainly hasn't been resting on his laurels. After returning from the Blip, Fury worked with the Skrull Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) to help the renegades find a home on Earth.

Of course, this didn't go entirely as planned. In his Phase 5 debut in Secret Invasion, Fury was forced to get his hands dirty in dealing with a group of militant Skrulls who planned to claim the planet for themselves. 

Surviving this incident, Fury now stands ready to take up a new—yet familiar—position within SABER.

Director Nick Fury Returns In MCU Phase 5

Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in The Marvels
Marvel Studios

In a recent press release for The Marvels, Marvel Studios revealed an exciting new job title for the former Director of SHIELD in the Phase 5 movie.

Fury will be returning to space, this time to take up the mantle as Director of SABER, working aboard a covert space station designed to be the planet's main line of defense in a newly connected galaxy.

Tayonah Parris's Monica Rambeau from WandaVision
Marvel Studios

He won't be alone, though. Joining him is none other than Tayonah Parris's Monica Rambeau, who will finally have her wings once again as a SABER astronaut following her recruitment at the end of WandaVision.

How Will SABER Influence the MCU?

Fury's ascension to Director of SABER really shouldn't come as a surprise, seeing as he oversaw the now-defunct SHIELD for years and was directly responsible for the establishment of the Avengers. 

What's really interesting here is the wider implication of a new organization of this type.

The early MCU closely followed the comic structure that saw the Avengers as an official entity with their own base that worked hand in hand with SHIELD to keep the planet safe. 

Nowhere was this more clear than in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, where the team operated from Avengers Tower, even though within the MCU, SHIELD had fallen by now.

In the years since, the world's heroes have worked largely under the radar, particularly due to the Sakovia Accords that led to Captain America: Civil War

Now that they're out of the way though, it's possible fans could see the return of established superhero teams, all working under the umbrella of SABER.

On the other hand, SABER's space station is described as covert, which could indicate that the intent of the organization is to remain under the radar, much like SHIELD before it. One can only hope the mistakes of the past won't be repeated.

SABER's purpose and Fury's role in shaping it will surely be revealed when The Marvels blasts its way into theaters on November 9.

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