Mark Hamill's Son Disappoints Fans Over Marvel 'Cameo'

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Mark Hamill Guardians of the Galaxy

While fans have hoped for Mark Hamill to make his MCU debut in the newly-released The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, his son recently set the record straight on the news.

Over a year ago, fans were convinced that the man behind Luke Skywalker from Star Wars was set to join the Marvel family after Hamill responded to a tweet about the Holiday Special with an ominous message. Director James Gunn had a fun interaction with Hamill on Twitter after that reply, leading many to think that the two were working together in some form on the Guardians' debut Disney+ entry.

Unfortunately, Gunn set the record straight on that collaboration a few months later, firmly debunking a rumor that Hamill had a role in the Holiday Special more than a year before its release.

And now, even after the project officially released on Disney+ to end Phase 4 of the MCU, Hamill's absence had to be confirmed once and for all.

Mark Hamill's Family Confirms MCU Absence

Upon the release of The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special on Disney+, Marvel fans were convinced that Star Wars icon Mark Hamill had a small cameo role in the project.

Mark Hamill, Guardians Holiday Special

Following the Holiday Special's debut, Hamill's son, Nathan, took to Twitter to debunk that theory by posting a picture of the alleged cameo and confirming that it wasn't his father:

"That's not Mark Hamill"

Cynn Smith responded to that tweet, confirming the identity of the Hamill-lookalike as actor Troy Beecham:

"This is my friend Troy Beecham. Source: I was there. lol This scene was actually shot on his birthday."

Following this reveal, some MCU fans expressed their disappointment on Twitter about Hamill's absence from the Holiday Special.

@Unitynow8 was convinced about Hamill being used in this cameo role, but noted that their "heart broke in disappointment" following his son's debunking:

"but just for a moment I thought it was then my heart broke in disappointment"

@manofbeskar expressed their disappointment with the news, noting how the actor in question looks so similar to Hamill:


Will Hamill Ever Join the Marvel Universe?

Fans certainly had exciting expectations regarding Hamill's potential inclusion in the Guardians' Holiday Special, with many even hoping that he'd embody Marvel's take on Santa Claus. But his son's recent post on Twitter only confirms that fans will have to continue waiting for that day to eventually come.

Even outside of his time as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars universe, Hamill is a mainstay in pop culture franchises, having also voiced the Joker for years in various animated DC projects. And after his fun round of Twitter fun with James Gunn over the MCU's latest release, many still want to see the longtime Hollywood star become the latest to take on a memorable role in the MCU.

While there's still a chance that Marvel is saving Hamill's MCU introduction for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 next year, the Multiverse Saga will hopefully hold plenty of other opportunities for this huge star to take on his first Marvel role.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is now streaming on Disney+.

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