Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Reportedly Wants New Job at Disney

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Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is reportedly sizing up a new role at Disney Studios.

As President of Marvel Studios, Feige has become an industry legend for bringing the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life and has overseen four phases of movies and series, with many more on the way.

That being said, Feige does have interests beyond just the MCU. 

The exec has been tapped to produce a movie in the Star Wars universe for some time now, working on it with fellow Marvel alum Michael Waldron, who's writing the project. He also has a vested interest in the movie business in general and voiced his concern for the state of the film industry during the pandemic.

Having secured the top job at Marvel Studios, the question now is where Feige could go next - and it seems a larger role at Walt Disney Studios may be on the horizon.

Kevin Feige's Potential New Disney Job

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On the latest episode of The Hot Mic, industry insider Jeff Sneider revealed he'd heard reports that Kevin Feige aspires to have Alan Bergman's role at Disney.

"I've heard the job that Kevin has always coveted is that of Alan Bergman."

Alan Bergman most recently served as Chairman of Walt Disney Studios from 2020 to 2023, overseeing all of Disney's movie and streaming arms, including Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and 20th Century Studios. 

After Walt Disney Company's restructuring earlier in the year, Bergman was promoted to Co-Chairman of Disney Entertainment, now in control of all movie, television, streaming, music, and other media production and distribution.

Some insiders believe that Bergman's new promotion sets him up as a potential candidate to succeed Bob Iger as CEO of Disney.

Sneider added that what he'd heard is "Feige wants to be the number two at Disney" as a top creative head, a promotion which would require him to leave his post as Marvel Studios President and Marvel Chief Creative Officer.

Could Kevin Feige Get a Promotion?

Given the restructuring of roles that occurred at Disney Studios, it's unclear whether Bergman's old job is one that needs to be filled. If it does, it's a role that Kevin Feige would surely have a shot at.

The Marvel exec clearly holds a special place in Bob Iger's heart, with the Disney CEO revealing he saved Feige from being fired by Ike Perlmutter in 2015. It seems likely that Feige would have Iger's support in moving up the Disney ladder.

Feige has said previously that he has no interest in leading another studio like Lucasfilm, but perhaps that's because his sights are set on something more ambitious, like creatively overseeing all of Disney's properties. 

Given his success with the MCU, it would undoubtedly be interesting to see what Feige could do with the rest of Disney's entertainment slate.

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