Marvel Just Confirmed 12 Hawkeye Trick Arrows Used In the MCU

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Hawkeye arrows

Marvel Studios' Hawkeye wrapped up its six-episode run on the week of Christmas 2021, which was all too fitting seeing as how the series itself takes place during the Holiday season. In fact, all Clint Barton wanted to do is get home to his family in time for some Yuletide cheer. Of course, he had to first contend with a Black Widow assassin, the Tracksuit Mafia, the Kingpin himself, and an overeager protege named Kate Bishop.

With so many obstacles in his path, Clint had to rely on his wits and pinpoint accuracy with his bow to make it out alive. Now, in his past MCU appearances, Clint Barton has relied on many standard arrows to get the job done, whether it be against Chitauri invaders or Ultron sentries, but when that's not good enough, he busts out the trick arrows- specialized projectiles with unique arrowheads that each serve a different function.

But the arrows Barton has previously utilized are nothing compared to the flashy, and sometimes comical trick arrows used in Hawkeye.

Every Hawkeye Trick Arrow In the MCU

Hawkeye Trick Arrows

A new video officially released by Marvel runs through many of the trick arrows from Hawkeye with the series' VFX supervisor, Greg Steele. 

In the video, the following twelve different types of arrows are discussed:

1. Putty arrow - It releases a viscous, purple goo that Kate uses to clog up the windshield of a pursuing Tracksuit Mafia van.

2. Explosive arrow - Like the name would suggest: Goes boom.

3. Suction cup arrow - Seemingly useless, until Clint and Kate need it to grab onto a passing train for a quick escape.

4. Acid arrow - Releases a caustic substance that burns through anything at which it is fired. Used in episodes 3 and 6 on traffic lights and a Christmas tree, respectively.

5. Onto-grabber arrow - Shoots out several cables to grab onto objects and pulls them back in. Seen in the car chase scene from Episode 4, in the Christmas tree lot.

6. Pym arrows - Likely lent by Scott Lang, Clint doesn't know quite how they work, but they cause things to greatly expand or shrink in size, depending on which one is used.

7. Luminous arrow - Emanates a quick, blinding flash of light to disorient opponents.

8. Electromagnetic arrow - Barton fires one at a metal pole, electrifying it and pulling the guns out of the hands of the Tracksuits in the show's final, climactic battle.

9. Needle arrow - Spins rapidly, releasing a bunch of small needles. Ouch!

10. Tranq arrow - Similar to the needle arrow, but the projectiles it fires are actually tranquilizer darts.

11. Airbag arrow - Upon impact, the tip inflates a large airbag which ends up launching some Tracksuit goons into the air

12. Sonic concussion arrow - Explodes in the form of destructive sound waves. This arrow is used in both episodes 4 and 6.

Marvel's full trick arrow breakdown can be watched below:


There Are More Trick Arrows Up Hawkeye's Sleeve

The video posted by Marvel doesn't include every trick arrow from the show. Some omissions inclined the ice arrow, which freezes its point of impact, and the pepper spray arrow, which releases a gaseous, mace-like substance.

There were tons of visually interesting and highly distinctive arrows in Hawkeye, and they're mostly fired in the show's final battle in New York's Rockefeller Plaza in Episode 6. There's even a scene in which Clint and Kate fabricate the arrowheads, giving fans a peek behind the curtain, as it were.

Of course, ultimately, Barton, with Bishop in tow, made it back to the Barton Family Farm just in time to see the smiles on his kids' faces as they opened their Christmas presents, which was certainly worth it for Clint, given all of the trouble he and Kate had gone through in the previous six episodes!

It's presently unknown where Clint Barton or Kate Bishop will crop up next in the MCU, but the full season of Marvel Studios' Hawkeye is now streaming only on Disney+

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