Marvel Fan Complaints Force Disney+ to Change X-Men Episode Order

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Marvel Studios is back at San Diego Comic-Con, having kicked things off with an exciting panel centered on new animated projects that will add to the Marvel catalog on Disney+. Included in this is the new X-Men '97 series, which will pick up from the memorable X-Men: The Animated Series that dominated TV in the 1990s.

At the Disney+ panel for Marvel Studios, it was confirmed that the X-Men '97 series is deep into development and that it will begin streaming on the service by Fall 2023. But before then, fans can catch up on all five seasons of the original series, which consists of 76 episodes featuring classic characters like Cal Dodd's Wolverine and a number of other returning cast members.

Right now, one of the only complaints about the original series is that, for some strange reason, the episodes didn't air in chronological order and were never updated to the right order before coming to Disney+. Now, as part of the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con, that status has seemingly changed, giving fans something to look forward to on the service.

Animated X-Men Series Now in Correct Episode Order

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When Disney+ first made X-Men's animated series available to stream, the show didn't appear on the service in chronological order after Season 2. This was largely due to the production schedule at the time of the show's original release, but it became a frustration for fans who wanted to view the entire story the way it was meant to be told.

Now, Disney+ has announced that this issue has been corrected, with X-Men: The Animated Series now appearing in its correct order after an update. The company shared the following message on Twitter:

"Our love language is binging all 5 seasons of the X-Men animated series (in updated order) together."

Over the years, fans have complained on social media about this show not being released in the correct order episode-wise.

Reddit user u/DweebNRoll wasn't sure if they were going crazy, getting confused at the order that the episodes were in on Disney+:

"I knew I wasn’t crazy! I got so confused watching the show on disney plus thinking, I’m pretty sure its not this order, although its been like 20 years lmao"

User u/Dosed_By_Fru had no idea why the show's episode order hadn't been fixed, having left feedback on the matter numerous times: 

"No idea why this still hasn’t been fixed, the same goes for the 90s spider-man cartoon as well. I have repeatedly left feedback on this and they still haven’t fixed it."

u/redonkulus noted how the order on Disney+ was based on the order that was on the DVD for the show, which they described as "a mess:" 

"Ya they just did it based on the dvd order which was a mess. There are articles online that provide the right order. I watched all the episodes in the correct order a few months" ago.

 User u/DweebNRoll commented again on the matter, hoping that Disney+ would fix the issue by the time X-Men '97 was set to release:

"I honestly hope they patch it by the time the 97' 2023 comes out, cause its so frustrating and confusing for fans watching the series again =/"

Following the announcement that the series would stream in its intended order, fans took the time to rejoice over the adjustment.

Twitter user @ScottFry78 was a little sarcastic responding to the news, as they had already watched the series again before the change:

"Thanks for waiting until I already rewatched it to do this."

@Lloydjones1897 celebrated the news, urging Disney+ to do the same thing with its other animated Marvel shows as well:

"it’s about damn time! Now do the same with Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes"

@Marcgriffin27 only used a few words, commenting on the news by saying "We eating good."

@WynneRichport was happy with the change, but noted that it should have been this way the entire time:

"It should’ve been that way from the start."

@synthphunk also only used a short message, simply saying "Yes thank you" when hearing about the news.

X-Men Animated Series Finally Ordered Correctly

For some strange reason, animated series from generations past haven't always aired their episodes in the correct chronological order, no matter what network they're on or what universe they're in. This was the exact case with X-Men: The Animated Series after its first couple of seasons, with fans on Disney+ realizing that the final three seasons were all jumbled in terms of chronological continuity.

Now, that mistake appears to have been corrected in full as fans can now enjoy the animated story the way it was meant to be told from beginning to end. This will also make things easier for those looking to revisit the '90s saga ahead of Marvel Studios' takeover of the story starting next year.

With the news that the show will pick up right from where the original left off, having it all in the correct order will only make the story that much easier to follow.

X-Men '97 is set for release on Disney+ in Fall 2023.

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