Marvel’s Agent Carter, X-Men Episodes Removed From Disney+

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Agent Carter, X-Men, Disney Plus

Disney+ has become an essential tool for Marvel fans across the world. For one, it's the medium for Marvel Studios to tell a new plethora of stories, including the currently airing Moon Knight, and the upcoming Ms. Marvel. On top of that, the service also serves as a library for all the content released in the past—including those released far before the days of 2008's Iron Man.

For one, all of the previous X-Men projects are ready and waiting for audiences to rematch or discover them for the first time. Then there are previous iterations of the Fantastic Four in which fans can get reacquainted with the team ahead of Jon Watts' upcoming rebootEven all of the former Netflix shows have found their way onto the platform—the amount of options is simply staggering.

Disney+ isn't without its fair share of issues though. The platform recently updated an episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, after the show's third chapter accidentally got censored. A series of tributes were also restored for the Marvel Netflix shows, after previously being removed.

While browsing all of the many previous Marvel Comics content available, some fans may have accidentally come across another issue on the service: episodes have gone missing from several popular series across the platform.

Agent Carter and X-Men's Missing Episodes

Discovered initially on Reddit by user u/reddotcapital, the popular Marvel series Agent Carter and X-Men: The Animated Show are both missing episodes from their respective seasons.

Agent Carter, Disney+

X-Men is missing seven episodes from its fifth season, while Agent Carter is missing five from its opening run of episodes.

X-Men, Disney+

Deadline picked up on the incident, reporting that Disney+ was aware of the issues at hand. The streamer explained that the error was due to an accident caused by a technical issue. The service is hoping for the issue to be resolved imminently and for the episodes to be restored on the service, but may not see a fix until the end of the day on Tuesday, April 19.

Disney+ released a statement to Deadline, apologizing to users for the inconvenience:

“We are actively working to resolve the issue impacting access to a subset of series episodes for some Disney+ subscribers. We are sorry for the experience and appreciate everyone’s patience.”

Other series affected include Duck TalesLizzie McGuireOwl House, and Rocket & Groot.

Don't Worry; Carter and X-Men Will Return

Disney+ will understandably want to resolve this issue as soon as possible to get these shows back in front of potential viewers. After all, Marvel Studios recently announced a revival of X-Men: The Animated Series, so the last thing the company probably wants is an issue like this keeping someone from discovering and enjoying the show.

How does a mistake like this ever occur in the first place? A freak chain reaction within the service's code perhaps? A localization adjustment caused a domino effect? Maybe someone's cat walked across the wrong keyboard?

Hopefully the episodes will be restored soon, so that fans can get back to hanging out with Peggy Carter or doing their homework for the highly anticipated return of X-Men: The Animated Series​​​​​​.

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